2022 WNBA postseason: Top five playoff seeds, tiebreakers

The WNBA playoffs are practically upon us. The recently of the routine season — with an unusual Monday video game! — won’t simply identify the last 2 postseason entrants, however likewise the opening-round matches as the league invites back three-game series in the preliminary.

Here’s a take a look at how each of the leading 5 groups can be seeded in the 2022 postseason. We’ll return tomorrow for a take a look at the bottom 3 seeds.

Chicago Sky
Current record: 25-8; Remaining video games: SEA, @LVA, @PHX
Possible playoff seeds: 1, 2

Having currently protected a franchise-record 25 wins with 3 video games to play, the Sky have actually secured a top-two seed.

The course to the leading general seed in the postseason, and homecourt benefit throughout the playoffs, needs a magic number of 2 (Chicago wins and Las Vegas losses). The most convenient method to achieve that is for the Sky to beat the Aces in Las Vegas. If they do, none of the staying video games matter. If they lose to the Aces, then they can still be the no. 1 general seed with a various mix of 2 Chicago wins or Las Vegas losses.

A tip that the Sky are definitely purchased beating the Mercury in the regular-season ending, no matter playoff seeding. Chicago owns Phoenix’s 2023 first-round choice due to the Diamond DeShields trade and might be able to press the Mercury into the lotto on the last day of the season.

The Aces are the only group that can challenge the Sky for the front runner in the playoffs.
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Las Vegas Aces
Current record: 23-10; Remaining video games: ATL, CHI, SEA
Possible playoff seeds: 1, 2, 3, 4

A number of crucial tiebreakers are still in play in the last week of the Aces season. Winning the season series versus Chicago is the only method Las Vegas can get the no. 1 seed, and the Storm might still leap the Aces with a win in the regular-season ending.

The magic number for the Aces to protect the no. 2 seed, and homecourt in the 2nd round of the playoffs, is 3 (Vegas wins and Connecticut losses). The Aces might be up to 3rd without that magic number and possibly even 4th in an end ofthe world circumstance where Las Vegas loses and Seattle wins its last 3. The Aces would just wind up 4th in a two-way tie with the Storm; a three-way tie with the Sun likewise included would keep Vegas in 3rd.

Connecticut Sun
Current record: 22-11; Remaining video games: @LAS, @LAS, MINUTES
Possible playoff seeds: 2, 3, 4

The Sun have actually currently made homecourt in the preliminary of the playoffs. The carrot of the last week of the season is getting homecourt in the WNBA semifinals, ought to Connecticut advance that far. The Sun can eclipse the Aces by winning 2 more video games than Vegas over the last 3, a high job however possible thinking about the trouble of the Aces’ staying schedule. A three-way tie with the Aces and Storm at 23-13 would likewise put Connecticut in the 2nd seed.

If the Sun disappoint Las Vegas, one win is all they require to remain in the 3rd seed. If Connecticut loses and Seattle triumphes, then the Sun would be 4th.

Seattle Storm v Connecticut Sun

Connecticut’s season sweep of the Storm puts the Sun in strong position for the last week of the season.
Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE by means of Getty Images

Seattle Storm
Current record: 20-13; Remaining video games: @CHI, @MIN, @LVA
Possible playoff seeds: 2, 3, 4, 5

The holy grail for the Storm is the 2nd seed, which is just possible if Seattle triumphes AND Las Vegas and Connecticut both lose. For those of you keeping track in your home, that needs 9 video games to go the Storm’s method.

The Storm might get to the 3rd seed by winning its next 3 video games, having the Aces lose and the Sun win a minimum of one video game. Seattle might likewise get to 3rd by triumphing and having Connecticut lose.

A more sensible choice for the Storm is to complete in 4th. Because they won the tiebreaker over Washington, the Storm can lose another video game than the Mystics over the last week. However, the problem is that Washington closes with 2 video games versus Indiana, so that essentially suggests that Seattle can lose one video game in its last 3.

The great news is that a three-way tie in between the Sun, Storm, and Mystics will keep Seattle in 4th. A three-way tie in between Seattle, Washington, and Dallas will likewise keep the Storm in 4th.

Seattle is up to 5th if the group loses 2 more video games than the Mystics throughout this last week. That might be as easy as going 1-2 while Washington wins both versus the Fever. That would suggest the Storm open the postseason throughout the nation with the capacity of never ever getting another video game in Seattle for Sue Bird.

Washington Mystics
Current record: 20-14; Remaining video games: @IND, IND
Possible playoff seeds: 4, 5

The outlook for the Mystics is quite uncomplicated. If they function versus the Fever, then Seattle needs to go 1-2 for Washington to go up to the 4th seed. If the Storm go 2-1 or much better, then the Mystics are resigned to the 5th seed.

If Washington doesn’t sweep Indiana, then Seattle would need to go 0-3 to permit the Mystics to go up.

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