Baker Mayfield knew Vikings' hand signals in Bucs win

TAMPA, Fla. — On the heels of a 20-17 triumph over the Minnesota Vikings where Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Baker Mayfield had the ability to get the the Vikings’ hand signals, Mayfield turned an idea that he think about operating in federal government intelligence into a joke at the Houston Astros’ expenditure.

“Listen, I know I’m in Tampa, but I’m a Texas Rangers fan, not a Houston Astros fan, so we’re not going to get into that,” Mayfield stated Wednesday, describing the Astros’ 2017 sign-stealing occurrence.

A Major League Baseball examination figured out that the Astros unlawfully utilized a camera in center field to take indications from opposing groups in 2017 and 2018. It led to the harshest charges ever imposed on an MLB group, that included suspending Astros basic supervisor Jeff Luhnow and supervisor AJ Hinch for the 2020 season, a $5 million fine for the group and the loss of their very first- and second-round draft choices for 2020 and 2021.

Bucs running back Rachaad White stated on Buccaneers Radio Network Monday that at halftime, Mayfield went into the locker space and stated, “‘I got it. We got all these signals.’ We in there talking as an offense. He’s like, ‘I know all these signals. If they do this, they going to Cover 2, they do this, they’re going to Cover 3. Every time I alert this, they drop and they do this signal, they drop him back to this.’ And I’m like, ‘Wow, that’s amazing.’ I mean, I know certain coverages, but I don’t know a lot like that.”

While sign-stealing itself is not prohibited in MLB or in the NFL, using electronic gadgets to take indications is. Mayfield did not break any guidelines by getting the Vikings’ indications.

Mayfield stated it assisted the offense in its very first year under offending planner Dave Canales and seeing brand-new Vikings protective planner Brian Flores for the very first time.

“When it comes down to that, you’re always trying to find tendencies of the defense. Just those in-game adjustments that you’re trying to find those tendencies, sometimes it’s a little different than others,” Mayfield stated. “It was a chess match there in the first half. Kind of had some stall-out drives. They did a very, very good job. I can’t credit Brian Flores enough for how they were scheming against us. It took us a little bit to adjust but you try to find every advantage possible to win.”

White stated he’d never ever seen anything like it when inquired about it Wednesday.

“Just how he come in there and just nonstop he was already on it,” White stated. “He was just on it. … It was just great to just see him come in there confident, and be like, ‘I got it. I got it figured out.'”

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