Ben Simmons injury update: Nets star ruled out for Game 4; Rich Paul reportedly meets with GM Sean Marks

After all indications seemed resulting in Ben Simmons making his season and Brooklyn Nets launching in Game 4 versus the Boston Celtics, the Nets have actually noted Simmons as out for Monday’s possible removal video game. Simmons played 4-on-4 recently for the very first time considering that the Nets obtained him at the trade due date, and head coach Steve Nash suggested that Simmons had actually continued to take contact with no concerns. 

But obviously Simmons awakened with back pain Sunday early morning after going through an exercise prior to Game 3 on Saturday, per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, who included this:

After roughly 10 days of pain-free increase following healing from a herniated disc, Simmons’ admission at the group practice center was met surprise and dissatisfaction. On the verge of a sweep to the Celtics, the Nets had actually hoped Simmons would remain in consistent and active with the hope of coach Steve Nash utilizing him in restricted minutes, sources stated.

Wojnarowski included more on Monday, reporting that “both (the Nets and Simmons camp) believe Simmons had two good weeks of physical ramp-up through Sunday, but ultimately realized there are still mental and physical hurdles that need addressing.” The report likewise stated that Simmons’ representative Rich Paul and Nets GM Sean Marks satisfied on Monday to talk about the circumstance.

The Nets did refrain from doing Simmons any favors here from a PR viewpoint. Delivering this news as another surprise injury report after a week of stating he was advancing to play puts the target right back on Simmons. Just state it’s since it does not make good sense to toss Simmons back on the court after 10 months off in a prospective removal video game of a series that is all however over. 

Because that’s the fact. There may be more than that going on, however that’s at least one aspect of this choice, so take the heat off Simmons and report it that method instead of stating the group was “surprised” the hear Simmons’ back was harming. People are currently questioning the credibility of Simmons’ claims. Why stir that fire? 

Simmons’ desire to in fact play basketball once again, when weighed in combination with his psychological health, is going to be a significant story over the offseason, however for today, whatever the factor, this is a rational choice to sit him for Game 4. The series is over. Allow him to ideally return totally fresh, psychologically and physically, for training school and the start of next season, when Brooklyn can ideally see some return on the huge financial investment it made in Simmons. 

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