WATCH: Blues' Jordan Binnington nearly gets into goalie fight with Marc-Andre Fleury

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St. Louis Blues goalie Jordan Binnington has actually been suspended 2 video games by the NHL for “rough and unsportsmanlike conduct” versus Minnesota Wild forward Ryan Hartman throughout Wednesday’s video game. Binnington was offered a match charge after he left the crease and assaulted Hartman, who clipped Binnington after scoring an objective in the 2nd duration.

Binnington will lose $64,864.86 throughout the two-game suspension which cash will go to the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund.

As an outcome of Binnington pursuing Hartman, a big tussle broke out in between the 2 groups. Once Binnington fired up a brawl of sorts, Wild goalie Marc-Andre Fleury chose to get included. 

Fleury made his method down towards Binnington and squared up with the fiery Blues netminder. But prior to Binnington and Fleury might end up being dance partners and begin an unusual goalie on goalie battle, linesmen stepped in and held them back.

“I’m not surprised. I’ve seen Jordan do a few things in his career,” Fleury stated following the Wild’s 8-5 win, according to U.S.A. Today. “That’s why I went. I made (the decision) pretty quick.”

Binnington didn’t hold any difficult sensations towards Fleury for trying to come down and drop the gloves.

“I’m not surprised. I kind of think it was our moment, but I got nothing but respect for Fleury, too,” Binnington stated. “He’s a legendary goalie. Coming down there, shows a lot about him.”

In addition to Binnington getting a match charge, Fleury likewise got a charge for leaving his crease, while Hartman was offered a charge for unsportsmanlike conduct. Hartman definitely didn’t conceal his sensations concerning Binnington after the video game.

Binnington has a history of leaving his crease and getting physical, was shocked that he was offered a match charge for his function in the run-in.

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