Brooklyn Nets need to play hardball with Kevin Durant's desired destinations of Miami Heat or Phoenix Suns

Here’s an unique concept for Sean Marks, the basic supervisor of the Brooklyn Nets, as he browses Kevin Durant’s need that the super star be traded to some really particular groups: To hell with gamer power.

Say it better than that, naturally. Use appeal and professionalism in interacting to Durant’s service supervisor, Rich Kleiman, that they can all interact to discover a friendly offer. Sing kumbaya together. Pretend the world is puppy pets and rainbows if you must. Leak, as has actually currently occurred, that Marks and the Nets plan to deal with Durant while looking for the ideal return for Brooklyn.

Say what you must. The genuine job, however, is to press back on the temptation to even from another location care that Durant longs for playing next for this group or that group, the Heat or the Suns or whatever group of competing groups capture his stubborn eye. Durant was a part of the Nets class structure and a partner in attempting to browse the choppy waters of Kyrie Irving, James Harden, Ben Simmons and a frustrating year.

Now he’s a possession, an all-time fantastic gamer with 4 years — 4! — left under agreement. He is, in reality, maybe the most important gamer ever on the trade market provided those years, one who apparently walked around Marks, straight to Nets owner Joe Tsai, to require an exit. Supposedly without interacting with the Nets front workplace all week.

He wishes to play hardball?

No issue, Kevin. Here’s some hardball for you:

· The Heat, among the group’s on his “wish list,” can’t trade Bam Adebayo to the Nets as long as Ben Simmons is on Brooklyn’s lineup due to the fact that no group can bring 2 gamers with the designated novice extension. And no Bam needs to equivalent no offer. This is hardball, and moving Simmons today would be a lot more challenging then, state, the Lakers proceeding from Westbrook. Plus, Bam/Tyler Herro/Duncan Robinson/choices isn’t enough, even if it was possible.

· The Suns possible deals — the other “wish list” group — likewise amount to a similarly uninviting return for a gamer of Durant’s stature with numerous years left under agreement. First, a DeAndre Ayton sign-and-trade would hardcap the Nets. Second, even Ayton, Cam Johnson, Mikal Bridges and draft choices that might have little worth consider that a Durant-Booker-aged-CP3 group most likely ain’t spending lottery game choices, even years form now.

Seriously. Why in the world would you desire, generally, in 2015’s Phoenix Suns, however with Simmons switched in for Devin Booker and Chris Paul. 

No. Thank. You.

There are a number of things taking place here at the same time, and they all point, for the Nets, to the requirement to press back on a player-empower motion that’s changed into a star-players-have-all-the-power motion.

First, Durant, who has a history of injury and is going to be 34 years of ages in September, has those 4 years left on his offer. There is not a single iota of a possibility that, were KD to have actually blown his MCL, or gotten otherwise seriously hurt, or merely fallen back in regards to output, that he would have gotten up one early morning in Brooklyn and consented to provide a few of that cash back. It’s an agreement. It’s an offer. He got security from it in case of misfortune or abrupt aging. The Nets ought to keep what they got — Durant for 4 more years, or the correct return matching the worth of Kevin Durant over those 4 more years.

Two, the Nets, under Marks, traded away a bunch of young skill as it gathered Irving, Durant and Harden and after that, when they caved to Harden’s needs, Ben Simmons. That list consists of: Jarrett Culver, Caris LaVert, Spencer Dinwiddie, DeAngelo Russell and DeMarre Carroll. That young group as soon as made the playoffs and looked intriguing sufficient to be one star far from really contending. They likewise boasted a strong culture with a ceiling. 

So here’s Sean Marks, having actually bet whatever on Durant and Irving, now confronted with his super star — as numerous do nowadays — requiring an exit and particular meanings. 

Which brings us to the 3rd truth: GM’s are anticipated to run in their group’s benefits however they likewise, naturally, run in their own. Marks cannot, deep down, wish for a trade of choices and young gamers that he might not have the ability to translucent if he does not endure the post-Kyrie-and-Durant wreckage.

KD played hardball, caring not one ounce for the Nets’ future or Marks’ profession. Fine. Everyone’s an adult here. But why in the world would Marks do anything that’s outdoors his, and his group’s, benefits? 

Marks has, for several years, been the steward of a group that went from badly restricted in its choices, to appealing and young, to an expected competitor, to, on Durant’s modification of state of mind, a prospective dumpster fire.

So there’s a single word Marks need to provide to this newest need of Durant’s dream list: No.

In the expectation that Durant may take this path, I had discussions today with NBA league sources on the concept of declining to flex to a star’s need for an exit. They were consulted with a series of actions. Incredulity. Reminders that stars can merely shut it down, and in Simmons the Nets have a front-row example. The disastrous effect of a star who does play, however does not attempt.

All legitimate points.

But Durant’s desires are of no issue to the Nets. Meet his hardball with their own. You wish to remain? Fine. Sit out the next 4 years. You wish to play elsewhere? We’ll see. Go discover us an offer we desire, not some frontrunner (once again) that fits your simply self-centered requirements. You desire a ring somewhere else? Yeah, we have actually seen that story from you previously. Just comprehend we’re chasing our own ring, and we will not move you without the requisite pieces to make that possible.

Talk to the Grizzlies about whether they’d part with a few of their young stars not called Ja Morant and a considerable amount of choices. See if, state, the Atlanta Hawks would switch Trae Young and a first-round choice for Durant. Call Houston about all those choices. Point out — and, yes, sure, this may be pressing it — that the paradox aside it ends up 2 of the most engaging bundles might in fact originate from the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Golden State Warriors. See if the Boston Celtics wish to switch K.D. for Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown (and, in Brown’s case, then some).

Explore every insane concept. Because trading K.D. for less than what the Nets requirement is more crazy, more devastating, and most likely to end terribly, simply as it did when they caught Harden’s very same demand.

Durant has actually currently gone to the bed mattress with his GM. It’s time for Marks, then, to keep in mind that it’s not individual. It’s strictly service. 

And the Brooklyn Nets remain in business of the Brooklyn Nets, not Kevin Durant’s next-team visions.

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