Business tycoon says he could partner with billionaires for Liverpool bid

Business magnate Sir Martin Broughton has actually stated that he would think about partnering with a group of billionaires to make a Liverpool takeover quote.

Speaking in an interview with the Liverpool Echo, the previous Reds chairman has actually specified that he has actually run the concept of bidding for Liverpool to a few of those who belonged of his Chelsea quote last summer season.

However, the draw of London was a substantial selling point in them bidding for the Blues, so no additional action for the Merseyside club happened.

“I didn’t speak to Josh Harris and David Blitzer, as they have gone back to Crystal Palace, but I did speak to the other people in our consortium and Chelsea I spoke to, in case there was an interest in becoming a co-investor, not to acquire, but to become a co-investor,” Broughton stated.

“But they are already foreign billionaires with a pad in Knightsbridge or Chelsea or Kensington and they came to London fairly regularly and when they came to London it was to watch Chelsea.

“So they are all Chelsea fans and not in the 68-year way going down there to watch them in the way I am but that is their team and they enjoy going down there. They were attracted by the idea of investing in a football team and Chelsea specifically.

“When I approached them about Liverpool – and I didn’t approach them about Manchester United, I would never approach them about Manchester United – but the result would have been the same. [They would say] ‘well I’ve got a pad in London.’ So that’s not the type of person that is going to come in really at Liverpool.

“So I wasn’t keen enough to go out and search for investors, new investors again. I think if anybody wanted my assistance in it, I would be willing to consider it but not actively.”

Liverpool’s look for financiers is still continuous as FSG seek to bring more cash into the Merseyside club. The Reds are preparing for a huge summer season of financial investment which will likely hinder future windows as they are not offering a huge star to money it.

Where the cash will originate from is unidentified at present, however things will likely establish over the next couple of months.

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