Celtics vs. Heat: Grant Williams poked the wrong bear, and Jimmy Butler ate him alive

There’s a strong argument to be made that Jimmy Butler was going to consume the Celtics alive down the stretch of Game 2 no matter what. The male is borderline had today. 

Still, a number of things didn’t assist Boston’s cause in a 111-105 loss that puts them in an 0-2 deficit with the series headed to Miami on Sunday. First, Joe Mazzulla chose to single cover Butler. Even with the advantage of hindsight, I do not always disagree with the technique. 

I view defenses cut their own throat night after night by over-helping off shooters. Taking the reactionary uncertainty out of that formula and simply keeping everybody connected to their task, requiring Butler to make objected to shots time and once again, is at least a defensible strategy. 

But talking garbage to Butler as he’s doing it? That is simply, will we state, reckless. We all get that these men are rivals and this is the heat of a huge minute. But Butler is on fire today. Throwing gas on him, as Grant Williams finished with 6:25 to play in the 4th quarter, isn’t simply asking for problem. It’s asking for it. 

As it took place, Williams, who has actually run out Boston’s rotation (he didn’t play one minute in Game 1), has actually simply struck a 3-pointer. On his method back down the court, he began babbling in Butler’s ear. Check out the search Butler’s face.

“He hit a big shot. Started talking to me. I like that. I’m all for that. It makes me key in a lot more. It pushes that will to win that I have a lot more. And it makes me smile. It does,” Butler stated. “When people talk to me, I’m like, ‘OK, I know I’m a decent player, if you want to talk to me out of everyone that you can talk to?’ But it’s just competition. I do respect [Williams] though. He’s a big part of what they try to do. He switches. He can shoot the ball. I just don’t know if I’m the best person to talk to.”

The male ain’t lying. After Williams poked the bear, Butler bulldozed him for an old-fashioned 3-point play on the occurring ownership and the 2 injury up forehead to forehead. 

Including that Butler pail, the Heat outscored Boston 24-9 over the rest of the video game. Butler had 9 of those fourth-quarter points, including this “too small” struck task. 

Asked after the video game if Williams slipped up by possibly firing up Butler with some ill-timed garbage talk, Jaylen Brown merely stated, “Next question.”

Was Brown not thinking about acknowledging the Williams event since he thought Williams slipped up however didn’t wish to toss his colleague under the bus, or since he believes this is an unimportant story? I might be either. I would favor the previous. It looks like it would be simple sufficient to state, “Hey, that didn’t have anything to do with why we lost this game.” 

I’m in the middle here. I believe Butler has actually ended up being inescapable in these playoffs, and he was more than most likely going to do his thing down the stretch of this video game, especially versus single protection, even if the whole Celtics company had actually taped their mouths shut. 

I likewise concur with Butler. He’s not the very best person to be talking with. In completion, whether Williams hurt Boston’s opportunities of winning this video game are up for dispute. But he definitely didn’t assist them. 

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