Chargers' Brandon Staley gives perfect explanation why it's important to run the ball in today's NFL

You’ve heard this mantra most likely a million times over the last decade-plus viewing the NFL: It’s a passing league. While groups are hanging back to pass with higher ferocity than any other time in history, what of the running video game? How crucial is it to winning football video games and a general operation of a modern-day offense? That concern was presented to Chargers head coach Brandon Staley and the 38-year-old completely taken shape how a strong running video game matches the quarterback and the offense as a whole.

“What I think that the running game does for a quarterback is it gives you some breathers,” Staley informed press reporters. “You don’t need a good running game to be a good play-action team, but what you need the running game for is the physical element of the game. There’s a physicality to the game that’s real, right? If you’re just a passing team, there’s a physical element to the game that the defense doesn’t have to respect. And that’s the truth. Because the data will tell you that you don’t need a run game to play pass. You don’t need that. But what the running game does for you, it brings a physical dimension to the football game.  

“And what the running game does that the passing game does not, is the running forces the defense to play block and to tackle. That happens on a run play — You must play blocks and you must tackle. In the passing game, those things don’t need to happen, right? You don’t have to play as many blocks. And you may not have to tackle based on incomplete or not. So what the running game does is it really challenges your physicality and that’s why I think the run game is important to a quarterback. It’s literally going to allow him to have more space to operate when you do throw the football.”

Of course, Staley is precisely best. Not just does a great running video game develop more passing pockets throughout various layers of the field for quarterbacks, however the physicality likewise includes an important aspect to the video game itself. 

For his group, a strong running video game has actually shown to rather advantageous as the Chargers presently sit 3-1 on the season. L.A. is balancing 107.5 backyards on the ground on 4.1 backyards per bring, however have actually run the ball in an extremely physical way as they rank seventh in all the NFL in run stopping, according to Pro Football Focus. 

Looking at Austin Ekeler particularly, you would believe a gamer of his capability would mainly concentrate on outdoors runs where he can use his speed. While that might hold true in the death video game, Staley hasn’t hesitated to run the 5-foot-10, 200 pounder like a thumper. Of his 50 brings this season, 35 have actually come either because A or B spaces and has actually amounted to 192 backyards (5.4 backyards per effort) and 2 goals. In those 35 brings, 6 have actually likewise opted for 10-plus backyards. That’s partly thanks to Ekeler’s speed, however likewise a physical offending line that opening various running lanes. 

Naturally, that has actually assisted Justin Herbert, who is presently 8th in the league in passing backyards and is finishing 68.9 percent of his tosses. 

So if anybody attempts to inform you that the running video game is a lost art in the NFL, you might wish to point them in the instructions of Staley, who’ll likely have the ability to align them out. 

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