Becoming a professional athlete in any sport is hard unless you are so talented that you don’t have to work too much. If you don’t have a talent like Steph Curry, the only thing that is left is hard training and important advice you should consider. Many young players will focus on training without improving themselves in other fields, which is a big mistake.

You should always explore other options which may help you progress in the one you like the most. Some will decide that gambling is the way to go when they check the latest Nascar betting odds, but for everything that you want to do, it takes a lot of effort to become a professional. You need to balance improving yourself as an individual while improving yourself as a player.

Hire a Professional Trainer

Training from a young age is what most people do, but they still don’t manage to become professional players. A small difference in skill can be very important when you play on a higher level. This is why you need a personal trainer that will work only on your conditioning.

In most cases, you will have trainers for the whole squad, which is much different than having someone to focus only on you. Some trainers are very expensive, but the cheapest can be found in your local gym.

Always Play With Better Players

If you are beating your opponents easily on the court, they are probably too weak to play against you. Playing with stronger players will help you a lot in improving your skill, and you can learn more from them than from a weaker opponent. If your boy seems to have a promising future in the sport, you can ask his trainer to let him play with older boys.

Have Healthy Habits

Kobi Briant had training habits like no one in the league, and he never talked about it, but other players on the team noticed this. This is one of the biggest reasons for his success, and training alone was his thing. You have to be mentally strong to have these types of habits, but there are also other things besides training you need to consider.

Working on your diet and dopamine levels is probably the next most important thing. There are many distractions nowadays that can influence your game. Things like Instagram, video games, and parties are the biggest enemies of professional players.

Doing them once in a while isn’t bad, but once you start partying every week because you are constantly winning means that your gameplay will suffer. Having enough sleep and learning new things can help also, but everything depends on the player’s way of thinking.

Record Yourself

The NBA loves popular players and people that can put on a show which is why some players are already considered a part of the league before the draft. A great example is the Ball brothers, who did an amazing job in high school. They are talented players, but they became famous because of YouTube videos and because of the personality of their dad has.

Hire someone or find a friend that has editing skills so they can make your videos look more appealing. Besides having the right skills, it’s important to present them in the right way. Making a brand out of your name can help you a lot when the draft happens.

Find a Great Agent

Even if you have everything on the list for the NBA pick, you will need a great agent that will help you join the best team possible. They might get a big cut out of the deal, but their importance is even higher than coaches. It would be best to sign a deal with someone that is already popular among the best players.

It’s a common thing that only a few agents have some of the biggest names under their portfolios. They have the right connections, and after having so many great players, teams tend to trust their opinion more than others.

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