Inter Milan vs. AC Milan: Two key referee decisions highlight Rossoneri, Olivier Giroud's come-from-behind win

The streets in Milan will be painted red on Saturday as AIR CONDITIONER Milan beat Inter Milan 2-1 in the Derby della Madonnina at San Siro, and real to its history, both sides combated till the last seconds. Referee Marco Guida had his hands complete in this competition however there were 2 crucial match occurrences in the derby that should have some much deeper analysis: The red card to Theo Hernandez in the last seconds of interruption time, and Olivier Giroud’s difficulty that led to the reverse of belongings and his very first objective for air conditioning Milan. 

Hernandez red card ought to have been avoided

The last whistle of the Derby della Madonnina was just seconds away when a series of enthusiastic difficulties to keep the video game alive by Inter Milan’s Denzel Dumfries led to a red card to Hernandez for major nasty play. An argument can be had that a reckless nasty must have been called just seconds previously on Dumfries when he gained back belongings of the ball by extending his left arm to draw back air conditioning Milan’s Sandro Tonali. Referee Guida selected not to call it and to enable the fight to take place more than likely given that it was an upper-body difficulty, the energy was at its biggest because video game and it would have taken the air out of those last seconds. However, it was a threat taken that did not require to be taken. 

Without a surprise, after the no-call for Tonali, Hernandez dedicates a lunging difficulty versus Dumfries with extreme force from behind with total neglect to whether he would hurt Dumfries in the difficulty in the sole effort to avoid the counterattack. Luckily, Dumfries was not substantially hurt and Hernandez was properly and promptly provided a red card for major nasty play that avoided the mass conflict by the gamers that would undoubtedly had take place if anything less than a red card was provided to Hernandez. 

Even in the last seconds of the video game, the referee should not enable the energy to take control of and forget the larger image — gamer security. The series of difficulties and no calls rapidly intensified resulting in Hernandez red card that was simple to see will take place if a nasty was not called faster. This is a threat unworthy considering the gamers or the video game — yes, even in the last number of seconds in the Derby della Madonnina. 

Giroud’s very first objective was evaluated by VAR and is a tidy objective  

Video Assistant Referee Paolo Silvio Mazzolleni succeeded not to advise an evaluation of Giroud’s objective as an outcome of his difficulty on Inter’s Alexis Sanchez that resulted in the reverse of belongings in the midfield and the assaulting stage of play for air conditioning Milan. To deal with the concern out of eviction, Mazzolleni would have evaluated Giroud’s difficulty on Sanchez to figure out whether Giroud’s objective ought to stand. 

As part of the VAR procedure, the VAR has the ability to evaluate air conditioning Milan’s assaulting accumulation to the scoring of the objective to figure out whether a clear and apparent mistake regarding a handball, nasty, offside, and so on. happened. We call this inspecting the assaulting stage of play (APP) and it starts with how the assaulting group won the ball resulting in its attack. 

The limit is whether the no-call on Giroud’s difficulty versus Sanchez is a clear and apparent mistake. The response is it is not a clear and apparent mistake as it is an anticipated reasonable shoulder difficulty in the context of this play. 

In evaluating the play, the instant thing to figure out is whether Giroud was challenging for the ball when he made the shoulder-to-shoulder contact with Sanchez. After examining the video, it is really Giroud who reaches the ball prior to he reaches Sanchez on the shoulder. This is what a VAR would seek to right away to figure out whether a suggestion to reverse the objective ought to be made. This is an excellent no-call by referee Guida to get it right on the field in the split seconds he needed to figure out whether the difficulty was reasonable and strengthened by VAR Mazzolleni’s check of the play that just contributed to the drama that is constantly to be had in the Derby della Madonnina.  

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