'It's going to be truly special': 2022 NFL Wild Card Game on Nickelodeon announcers dish on Sunday's game

The 2021 NFL Wild Card Game on Nickelodeon was a discovery to kids and households, ending up being the network’s most-watched program amongst overall audiences in almost 4 years and winning 2 Sports Emmys. It’s returning Sunday with as juicy and traditionally considerable a match as possible: San Francisco 49ers-Dallas Cowboys. 

CBS Sports expert Nate Burleson, play-by-play broadcaster Noah Eagle and Nick star Gabrielle Nevaeh Green will return in the cubicle while Nick star Young Dylan will work as a sideline press reporter for the very first time. 

Last year’s NFL Wild Card Game on Nickelodeon in between the New Orleans Saints and Chicago Bears included kid-focused material, on-field graphics, visual filters and, naturally, lots of slime. It was the very first kid-centric broadcast in NFL history. 

In a special interview with CBS Sports, Green stated the 2022 NFL Wild Card Game on Nickelodeon will bring “so many more surprises” compared to in 2015 while Eagle forecasted it will be “truly special.” Eagle and Green stated in our prolonged discussion: 

CBS Sports: How does it feel to be back, preparing to do this video game when again?

NE: Feels remarkable. It truly does. I was simply stating that I believe we were all prepared the 2nd the video game ended in 2015 to solve back on the saddle and do it once again – we simply had a lot enjoyable throughout the video game. And, you understand, the response was undoubtedly terrific. It was practically unforeseen how quickly it wound up coming. But I believe we did such a fantastic task of finding out each other’s propensities quite rapidly into that very first video game that now we seem like, OK, we can construct on that. Now we can possibly be a bit more speculative in some methods or others. So, I believe we’re all simply truly delighted to be back together as a complete overall group – everybody behind the scenes, everyone on video camera, et cetera. And I believe we’re specifically delighted with the match that we got, going to Jerry’s World in Dallas also. It’s going to be really unique. So, delighted is most likely the very best word, although it does not truly do justice, the sensation we have actually all got.

GG: I’m simply delighted to be back with such fantastic individuals. Noah and Nate are such terrific people that took me under their wing in 2015. And this year, we’re going to do it once again. It’s going to be larger and much better. And, you understand, we have Young Dylan this year, and he’s a fantastic buddy of mine. So, it’s constantly terrific to deal with individuals that you recognize with, and you have terrific chemistry with. So, it’s gonna be a blast. And I hope individuals truly delight in just how much we’re going to enjoy it and we equate just how much enjoyable we’re having through the screen also. 

CBS Sports: With in 2015’s broadcast being among Nick’s most watched programs in years, how did you process the reaction it got, and why do you believe this kid-centric broadcast is resonating with individuals? 

NE: I truly do believe all of us felt quite positive entering that it was going to strike the target group that we were wishing to strike – you understand, kids anywhere from 5 to 14 years of ages or two. We felt respectable based upon the innovation we had actually, based upon the assistance we had with the graphics and the responses from the gamers and simply all the little things that we understood entering. What we didn’t anticipate was the older audiences from 14 and as much as react the manner in which they did. And it was remarkable, a few of the messages that we got. I understand that Nate got a message from Kurt Warner that his kid for the very first time in his life – and this was truly cool – viewed the video game start to end up. I got messages from individuals stating that they or their brother or sisters or their kids, nieces, nephews – they viewed it for the very first time begin to end up. That was the most unique part about the reception, and we valued all the favorable actions we got. But the factor that it resonated with everyone was for more youthful audiences, you had the bells and whistles, you had things to keep your interest since it wasn’t simply gazing at the field and wishing for an initially down; it was something appearing or SpongeBob in the goalposts or Young Sheldon explaining a charge. So, it was simply various. But I believe that for grownups who are enjoying it, it took you back to why you fell for the sport in the very first location. It was the enjoyable, it was the enjoyment. It was this sensation, this energy – you can’t beat it. You’re on the football field, and you’re taking on individuals you like and you’re enjoying with individuals you like. And for us, we simply had a lot enjoyable that I believe everyone was right there with us. It was as if they were being in the cubicle right beside us. And that’s truly the objective in any broadcast you do, whether it’s kid-centric, or whether it’s the Super Bowl and it’s on CBS – you desire somebody to seem like they’re sitting right there beside you, and they’re in on it with you, having that discussion. And we got to achieve that in 2015, and now we get to construct on it this year.

GG: Personally, I didn’t understand the big effect that it was going to have. I understood it was something that had actually never ever been done prior to. One, you have a lady up in the cubicle with the people. Two, you’re having a championship game on Nickelodeon, which is a kid’s tv network – that’s never ever been done prior to. So, entering into it, we understood that it was something brand-new and really fresh and really natural and something that individuals had actually never ever seen prior to. But, personally, I didn’t understand what effect we were going to have on young kids and young households that saw their children in me or saw their kid in Lex (Lumpkin) in 2015. And it’s a genuine honor to be a part of something that’s so innovative therefore impactful on simply this minute and ideally minutes down the line, when these kids mature, and they have kids and state, hey, Nickelodeon was such a huge part of my life. They taught me about football, they influenced my love for the sport and they presented their kids to the very same thing.

CBS Sports: What’s going to be altering from your end from in 2015’s broadcast entering into this one? 

GG: Well, I seem like we’re all entering into it understanding what to anticipate, basically. Everything’s unforeseen, so all of us sort of simply go with the circulation since that’s how this goes. Because we’re doing something that is still so brand-new, despite the fact that it’s the 2nd time, it’s something not conventional, so we’re all sort of simply bouncing around and bouncing off of each other. So, as far as being various, there’s going to be many more surprises. There’s going to be a lot more brilliant AR. There’s going to be more brilliant visuals. The slime is going to be larger and much better. These slime zones are going to be even crazier. And I seem like we’re gonna have a lot more nuggets for the gamers to include, and I seem like that was something that truly made our broadcasts distinct in 2015 was that we humanize the gamers. They’re stars, they’re individuals that young kids appreciate, however they’re likewise individuals. They have a preferred color, they have a preferred food. And I seem like that’s something that we’re likewise going to incorporate this year, which is truly going to raise our visitors also.

NE: Everybody still has that kid within them. So, to Gabby’s point, the reality that we got to bring that out of the gamers, it’s big. And I believe she’s best. Last year, the gamers were terrific about it, and they were delighted about it. But I believe it takes it to a various level since they got to see it and see what it can do and see the kind of understanding it can get. And so not simply gamers however coaches and fans. I believe that individuals are delighted about the next possibility, what else can we give the table. So, Gabby’s right – we have actually got an enhancement, basically, on all the innovation. We’ve gotten enhancement on all the aspects. And the hope is that we can get an enhancement on a few of the gamer responses also. But at the end of the day, for us personally, we do understand precisely what to anticipate. And we sort of understand how to get ready for it even much better than we did in 2015, therefore we can assault that head on and feel a lot more safe about what we’re doing prior to we’re entering into it. Now, at the very same time, you do not wish to feel structured since that’s what made it so terrific in 2015. We were simply over there having a discussion about football and enjoying ourselves and simply having the time of our lives. And so that part will not alter, and I believe that the greatest type in all of this is can we discover that very same liveliness and energy? And I assure you we will. 

CBS Sports: This video game has many epic gamers like George Kittle and Deebo Samuel. How will covering these practically Nickelodeon-level characters be a benefit for you heading into this broadcast?

NE: The more character the much better, since it’s Nickelodeon. We have lots of gamers who are big characters, and I seem like that’s truly gonna assist our broadcast since we can sort of feed off of their energy and they can feed off of ours. And I seem like it’s gonna make it a lot more fascinating and a lot more appealing. And it’s not simply the characters; It’s the groups themselves. These are traditionally terrific NFL franchises. So, to have that and to be able to share a few of the history of the league with possibly some kids who aren’t knowledgeable about Dwight Clark’s catch or Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith, and essentially the reality that these 2 groups were fighting to win the Super Bowl in the very same conference every year through the 90s is going to be terrific also. But from the character viewpoint, we got practically a dream match. Dak Prescott is as personalized as you’re going to discover, is as favored and well-respected around the NFL as you’ll discover. Ezekiel Elliott, high character CeeDee lamb resembles a Nickelodeon character in reality. So that’s simply the Cowboys offense alone. Micah Parsons – who’s going to win Defensive Rookie of the Year this year, bar none – he is, if you had an opportunity to see a few of the off-field clips that he’s had currently, he is really vibrant, which’s what we desire. That’s what we’re searching for. You currently discussed George Kittle, Deebo Samuel. We understand those people. It’s going to be an enjoyable video game to be a part of, and the characters just assist make our task even simpler.

CBS Sports: This is among the NFL’s many signature, historical competitions going back years. What’s it going to resemble for you to reestablish a few of those historical minutes to an audience that likely does not have much history with them?

NE: For Gabby, I believe it’ll be a fascinating point of view. Because Gabby, in 2015, you entered into that video game in New Orleans, and you basically were asking us concerns about what’s going on on the field. Well, this year, you can sort of ask us about the history of the NFL, and we can communicate a few of that to possibly other kids around the nation that do not understand football rather also. And so it’s another element that we get to show everyone.

GG: And simply sort of bouncing off, my task in 2015 was to be the voice of kids that are brand-new to sports and do not truly called much about sports since Nate and Noah are the professionals. But it’s my task to sort of get in touch with the kids and ask concerns that might appear ridiculous however somebody in the house is certainly believing. And I believe – specifically with this match – it’s going to be necessary for us to get in touch with the audience once again and sort of communicate the history that these 2 groups have. That method, kids can grow and find out the sport even much better.

NE: Honestly, I believe it links individuals now progressing. When you find out history, you can get in touch with more individuals of various ages. So, let’s take a Nickelodeon reveal that everyone likes. SpongeBob is an ideal example. SpongeBob began when I was a truly young kid – that’s when I was initially on the air. And it’s still going since it is famous beyond famous, best? SpongeBob is an all-time television character on any network throughout any sort of platform. You can’t top it, in my viewpoint. But for somebody who possibly is 7 or 8 years of ages today, if they return and see old SpongeBob episodes from when I was a kid, we can link over that. We can bond over that. So now if we’re teaching kids about the competition of the 90s of the Cowboys and the Niners and they’re discovering it, now they can get in touch with an older brother or sister or cousin or somebody they fulfill. And that’s my preferred part about sports, right? In theory, it brings all of us together, and it bonds us. And so now we can sort of assistance cultivate a few of those relationships for a few of those individuals out there.

CBS Sports: This a brand-new experience for both of you with Gabby getting presented to football broadcasting and you, Noah, dealing with Nickelodeon. What is it like for you to tackle this brand-new obstacle and head out of your convenience zone expertly while likewise amusing individuals while doing so? 

GG: It’s terrific, it’s fresh, it’s brand-new. It’s whatever that I’m about since I do not like to be put in a box. I do not like to do the very same thing over and over once again. I like tough myself and attempting things that possibly I typically would not have. So, this is a truly terrific workout for me to sort of workout a muscle that I didn’t even understand I had in 2015.

NE: A sensible male when informed me if it does not entirely frighten you in the beginning then do not do it. And so this was something that, I do not understand if any of us were horrified or anything like that in 2015, however there was an anxious energy when we initially thought of it since nobody understood what this was expected to look or seem like. And then we recognized quite rapidly – and I believe Gabby would concur – we went through the practice session the day in the past, and when we went through that all of us sort of went back and stated, oh, this is gonna be, it’s gonna be truly great. This is going to be truly simple with everyone; we’re going to have no problems whatsoever. And that’s precisely what occurred. So, to me, it is very important to continue to challenge yourself. It’s essential to continue to enter other worlds and keep whatever fascinating and fresh. And something that I’ve constantly wished to carry out in my profession is include something various and brand-new every year. And so for me, this was a fantastic thing to include 2021, was the Nickelodeon Wild Card video game, which had actually never ever been done prior to. Now, can we raise that? Can we do more with it now that we’re a bit more comfy? How can we contribute to it? So, it’s amazing more than anything else, however certainly essential to me. And I understand, as Gabby stated, it is very important to her to do something that simply makes you a bit uneasy and makes you concern, OK, am I going to do this to the very best of my capability?

The NFL Wild Card Game on Nickelodeon is slated for 4:30 p.m. ET on Sunday. The conventional broadcast will be offered on CBS, Paramount+ and Amazon Prime Video. 

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