Joel Embiid Focusing On the 'Bigger Picture' After Missing Out on MVP

After the 76ers lost Game 5 to the Heat, 120-85, Joel Embiid was inquired about his response to ending up as the MVP runner-up to protecting winner Nikola Jokic who supposedly won his 2nd successive MVP award on Monday.

Embiid responded to that he wasn’t amazed by the news, declaring that he had actually been anticipating the outcome considering that a straw survey by ESPN’s Tim Bontemps towards completion of the routine season suggested that many citizens were leaning towards making Jokic a back-to-back MVP. The frame of mind led to Embiid not being as upset about being snubbed for the 2nd year.

“Obviously, congrats to Nikola; he deserved it. He had an amazing season. There’s no right or wrong. There was a lot of candidates. It could have gone either way. Giannis, Devin Booker being on the best team in the league by far, so I guess every year it’s all about whatever you guys decided, whatever fits the narrative as far as who’s going to win.”

It’s maybe the greatest open trick that there is a narrative element behind ballot and thinking behind whoever wins MVP. If ballot were merely about “being the best player in the League,” LeBron James would’ve won more than 4 MVPs, and Kevin Durant or Kobe Bryant would’ve maybe won more than one.

There are numerous requirements citizens take a look at to identify who they pick for the League’s supreme private regular-season award. Such as It’s about group success, health, profession arc, and previous outcomes. Funny enough, Embiid not winning 2 years in a row might assist him overcome the bulge next season if he installs another MVP-like season next season.

“I’m not mad. The last two years in a row, I’ve put myself in that position. It didn’t happen. It’s almost like, at this point, it’s whatever. Whatever happens, happens. Last year I campaigned about it, this year, I answered questions when I was asked, and the next, you know, a few years before I retire, it’s almost like I don’t know what else I have to do to win it. To me, it’s just whatever. It’s all about — not that I wasn’t focusing on the bigger picture, but it’s really time to really put all my energy into the bigger picture, which is to win the whole thing.”

Finishing as one of 3 finalists and the runner-up for MVP ways Embiid, in no unsure terms, did enough to win MVP this year. Moving forward, the previous Kansas Jayhawk will need to manage what he can manage and continue to dip into an MVP level, so in the following years, there is no doubt he is deserving of the prominent award. The Philadelphia

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