Kenny Pickett isn’t the issue with the Steelers offense

It’s time to have a little discuss the Pittsburgh Steelers. Two video games earlier, the Steelers provided everybody some incorrect hope with their upset win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers however the group we saw today versus the Miami Dolphins is much closer to the genuine Steelers.

If we wish to make a list of interest in this group from specific gamers or workers, we can do that. But the idea you can ascribe fault to novice quarterback Kenny Pickett doesn’t make much sense.

The factor is you need to make 2 presumptions when it pertains to Pickett. First, it is anticipated that he will have a hard time. The variety of novice quarterbacks who enter the league polished enough to be extremely effective in their very first season is small. So why do we hold Pickett to a greater requirement?

Another indicate support this is simply how the 2022 NFL draft played out. Pickett was compared positively to a number of other quarterbacks in this draft and all those others fell in the draft. Does this suggest the Steelers grabbed Pickett? This stays to be seen however for now, we provide the front workplace the advantage of the doubt.

The 2nd presumption we make is that the remainder of the offense is affecting Pickett’s production much more than the other method around. So if you wish to lay blame, put it on the veterans who aren’t doing enough to support their quarterback and the coaches who have actually mastered the art of doing less with more.

Many folks wish to attempt to produce a quarterback debate here however all this does is make individuals neglect the genuine concerns. Mitch Trubisky isn’t going to make this group anymore competitive and he has lots of NFL experience. Everyone requires to reveal persistence with Pickett and point their fingers at the remainder of the group for why this offense is having a hard time a lot.


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