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When opposing groups check out the arena in downtown Los Angeles, they obviously need to take a long walk through the outdoors in order to get to their group busses. Players are exposed to Lakers fans who are waiting outside the arena, and it was developed into a walk of embarassment for members of the Grizzlies last night.

Lakers Fans Heckle Morant and Brooks After Game

Memphis invested the season getting on the nerves and under the skin of opposing groups and gamers. There were the off-court occurrences with Morant that rubbed some individuals the incorrect method, and the atrocious spirit of Dillon Brooks that stimulated debate at relatively every turn.

What was when a likeable up-and-coming group had actually turned themselves into a group of jokers and heels.

It all pertained to a last conclusion in the Grizzlies’ preliminary series versus the Lakers. The action truly began when Brooks required to the microphone after Memphis’ very first triumph and garbage talked James, stating that he “pokes bears” in a verbose, now notorious quote.

It was practically the last we spoke with Brooks in the series. After being embarrassed on the court through both his efficiency and the efficiency of the challengers that he encouraged, Brooks basically prevented the media for the rest of the preliminary.

But he couldn’t prevent the Lakers fans as he ignored the arena last night. He was booed and heckled non-stop as he strolled through the night with his sunglasses on and a chain that bore his initials.

It didn’t go far better for Morant on his walk of embarassment, though he appeared to be in rather much better spirits than Brooks.

As Morant strolled past the crowd, fans started the “Nah Nah Hey Hey Goodbye” chant, consistently gushing it in Morant’s instructions. But Ja didn’t appear all too troubled, as he smiled and even danced to the cadence supplied by the Lakers fans. At one point, he even appeared to sing along.

With the removal of the Grizzlies, it will be the Lakers that advance to the Western Conference Semi-Finals. They will handle either the Kings or Warriors, whichever is triumphant in Sunday’s Game 7.

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