MLB, Atlantic League agree to restore pitcher's mound to normal distance and drop automated ball-strike system

The Atlantic League, an individually owned and run baseball league that has a collaboration contract with Major League Baseball, will utilize basic pitching rubber measurements and resume having home base umpires call balls and strikes in 2022, the league revealed.

Last year the league checked a 61-foot, 6-inch mound and the automated strike zone, or in some cases described as “robot umps.” It will return to a 60-foot, 6-inch mound and drop the automatic ball-strike system in 2022.

“As we enter 2022, we reaffirm to players and fans that ball-strike calls, and the distance of the pitching rubber, will return to accepted norms,” Atlantic League president Rick White stated in a declaration. “We retain several past MLB test features, such as 17″ bases, additional innings tiebreaker and anti-shift guidelines, to name a few. The test guidelines and devices are transitional by meaning: Some aspects stay, others are modified, and still others are deserted. That’s why MLB and the ALPB perform the tests.”

As kept in mind, the Atlantic League will keep numerous other speculative guideline modifications moving on, consisting of bigger bases and the additional innings tiebreaker guideline. The league executed the 61-foot, 6-inch mound and automated strike zone in the middle of last season, and as our R.J. Anderson reported, gamers were fed up and almost went on strike.

To be clear, the Atlantic League returning back to the standard does not imply MLB is deserting those possible guideline modifications. It simply suggests the Atlantic League will not utilize them. MLB utilized the automated ball-strike system in some minors in 2021, and opportunities are the league will broaden its usage moving on.

MLB and the Atlantic League have had a main collaboration considering that Sept. 2020. As part of the contract, MLB can check guideline modifications in the Atlantic League, and in exchange MLB equipped the 8 Atlantic League ballparks with radar tracking innovation (i.e. Statcast) and provided analytical services.

The Atlantic League is broadening to 10 groups, all in the Mid-Atlantic area, in 2022. Jeremy Jeffress, Mat Latos, Logan Morrison, and Danny Valencia are amongst the previous MLB gamers who played in the Atlantic League in 2015.

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