NFL claims Jon Gruden sent 'derogatory emails' during time as Raiders coach, per report


An intriguing advancement appeared today worrying the claim previous Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden submitted versus the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell. Gruden declares that the NFL and its commissioner produced “a malicious and orchestrated campaign” to leakage improper e-mails sent out by him in between 2010 and 2018 — prior to his time as Raiders head coach — which eventually resulted in his resignation. According to a brand-new filing made by the league, nevertheless, Gruden sent out improper e-mails “consistently” throughout his time with the Raiders too.

According to a filing made recently to a Nevada court, per The Washington Post, Gruden sent out negative e-mails after signing on the dotted line with the Raiders in 2018. 

“Gruden even claims in his Proposed Order that it is ‘undisputed that all of Gruden’s conduct referenced by the NFL Parties occurred prior to the signing of the Agreement and while Gruden was not an employee of the Raiders or the NFL,'” the league’s lawyers composed. “Gruden’s claim (and purported finding of fact) on the timing of his emails is, in reality, very much disputed by the NFL Parties and in fact false. Discovery — necessary to make any finding of fact on this issue — will show that Gruden continued to send the same kinds of derogatory emails consistently following his start date with the Raiders.”

Gruden’s lawyer, Adam Hosmer-Henner, reacted to this advancement in a declaration:

“The NFL did not make these unsubstantiated arguments in the motions they already lost and will not be able to make them if they appeal,” Hosmer-Henner stated, through The Post. “In fact, their own attorney conceded during the hearing that the emails were sent before Jon Gruden signed with the Raiders. The NFL has tried to avoid discovery from the start, not Jon Gruden. This is just another attempt by the NFL and Commissioner Goodell to save face by attacking Jon Gruden while still not owning up the truth of their actions. Jon isn’t going to try to hide from his deposition, is the Commissioner?”

The NFL rejects that they lagged the dripped e-mails. Back in May, the league submitted to dismiss the claim and require the concern into arbitration. Judge Nancy Allf rejected this — marking a win for Gruden.

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