NHL Playoff Picture 2022: Clinching scenarios for Tuesday, current standings


The 2021-22 NHL routine season is boiling down the house stretch with simply a couple of days delegated play. It marks the very first complete 82-game slate for the league considering that the COVID-19 pandemic started back in 2020.

As the routine season unwind, the NHL playoff image is ending up being clearer. The postseason will start on May 2 and end on or prior to June 30. As all of the action unfolds in these last weeks of the routine season, we’ll keep you upgraded with which groups have actually clinched and how the postseason race is forming up.

On Tuesday, the 3 staying playoff areas in the Western Conference might be declared — depending upon the result of the Vegas Golden Knights and Dallas Stars:

  • Stars clinch a playoff berth if they beat the Golden Knights in guideline. In addition, the Golden Knights require to make a minimum of a point in order to remain in the playoff race.
  • If the Stars win in any style, the Kings protect a playoff berth and would deal with the Edmonton Oilers in the opening round of the playoffs. The Oilers can clinch the No. 2 seed in the Pacific Division with any kind of win over the Pittsburgh Penguins.
  • The Nashville Predators might clinch a playoff berth if any of the following circumstances happen: Predators beat the Calgary Flames in guideline, Predators beat the Flames in overtime and the Golden Knights lose to the Stars in guideline, Predators beat the Flames in a shootout and the Golden Knights lose to the Stars in guideline or overtime, Predators get one point versus the Flames and the Golden Knights lose to the Stars in any type, or the Golden Knights lose to the Stars in guideline.
  • The Carolina Hurricanes can clinch the No. 1 seed in the Metropolitan Division if they merely beat the Rangers.
  • The Florida Panthers can likewise clinch the President’s Trophy (finest record in the NHL) if they beat the Boston Bruins in any style AND the St. Louis Blues beat the Colorado Avalanche in any style. The Panthers can likewise clinch the President’s Trophy with a minimum of a point versus the Bruins AND the Blues beating the Avalanche in guideline.

Here’s a take a look at the present Divisional and Wild Card standings as Tuesday, April 26. If the routine season ended today, these groups would make the playoffs:

(* implies group has actually currently clinched playoff berth)

Atlantic Division

  1. Florida Panthers – 57-16-6 (120 points)*
  2. Toronto Maple Leafs – 52-21-7 (111 points)*
  3. Tampa Bay Lightning – 49-22-8 (106 points)*

Metropolitan Division

  1. Carolina Hurricanes – 52-21-8 record (112 points)*
  2. New York Rangers – 51-22-6 (108 points)*
  3. Pittsburgh Penguins – 45-24-11 (101 points)*

Eastern Conference Wild Card

  1. Boston Bruins – 49-25-5 (103 points)*
  2. Washington Capitals – 44-23-12 (100 points)*

Central Division

  1. Colorado Avalanche – 55-18-6 (116 points)*
  2. Minnesota Wild – 51-21-7 (109 points)*
  3. St. Louis Blues – 49-20-11 (109 points)*

Pacific Division

  1. Calgary Flames – 49-20-10 (108 points)*
  2. Edmonton Oilers – 46-27-6 (98 points)*
  3. Los Angeles Kings – 43-27-10 (96 points)

Western Conference Wild Card

  1. Nashville Predators – 44-29-6 (94 points)*
  2. Dallas Stars – 44-30-5 (93 points)
  3. Vegas Golden Knights – 42-31-6 (90 points)

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