NHL Rumors: Are the Ottawa Senators looking towards Winnipeg and Vancouver?

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek on 32 Thoughts: The Podcast – Re-indication Lindy on the Ottawa Senators.

Marek: “It’s been an intriguing number of days for the Ottawa Senators. Nikita Zaitsev put on waivers, clears. Magnus Hellberg put on waivers, doesn’t clear. Claimed by the Seattle Kraken.

And you think they are snoop, snoop, sleuthing around.”

Friedman: “Yeah, it was Zaitsev. First of all, he undoubtedly hasn’t played well. That’s not a news alert. Anybody who’s viewing the video game acknowledges that. And with him, it simply appears like the more he attempts to do, and the more desperate he gets, the even worse it gets. Sort of because pit where you simply dig yourself much deeper. It’s a dreadful, horrible location to be. I feel sorry for him for that.

Ottawa has about $3.5 million in cap area. He hasn’t gone to the minors yet. The other thing I’ve heard, and I heard it from another group , is that Ottawa essentially permitted Zaitsev’s representative to search. To see what’s out there. There’s simply absolutely nothing out there today.

So, top, if he gets traded, he can clear waivers now. But second, well a minimum of that remains in the next 10 video games, 1 month. But second, he hasn’t gone to the minors however if they put him there, they get an additional $1.125 million and I do believe Ottawa is out trying to find things.

I heard defense. Some else stated they believed it may be a center too, however I heard defense.

So, suddenly if he desires too, Pierre Dorion’s got an additional $1.125 million to have fun with. And I don’t believe that’s irrelevant. I believe there’s some things they’re trying to find out there, and a bit of additional cap space is not going to harm them.

Marek: “I discussed on radio to you previously today that I wouldn’t be shocked if a number of the telephone call were perhaps to Winnipeg and maybe to Vancouver too.

Friedman: “Yeah, Winnipeg, he was there right, Dorion? It was like a royal visit the way that one was covered.”

Marek: “Well they do have by my count, what’s the word you like using, eleventy-billion defensemen on the roster.”

Friedman: “But the thing is, Winnipeg is going really well right now, right?”

Marek: “They’re hot. Top in the Central.”

Friedman: “I believe it’s public now that Ville Heinola if he’s not going to play, wish to go elsewhere, however I don’t believe that’s the type of relocation Ottawa’s trying to find. I would believe they’re most likely considering something a little much better. Although I might be incorrect.

But Winnipeg’s working out. I don’t always believe they’re seeking to separate excessive.

The feature of Vancouver is that, I understand some individuals were thinking Myers to Ottawa or something like that. I don’t understand, however Myers has a partial no-trade. I imply Jeff, you understand this league. Chances are most likely it’s got the normal 10-groups on it right? The other Canadian teams and choose your 4 locations in the States. Though I don’t believe there’s any assurance that that might take place.

Some individuals simply stated they did this to get so DJ Smith wouldn’t play him.  I don’t believe it’s that basic since as we sit here today and tape-record this, he’s not been sent out down. He’s still on the lineup. Which states to me that it’s not always get him out of here in regards to we can’t play him at all, to me it’s versatility and I’m extremely curious to see where it goes.

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