NHL Rumors: Clearing the air on the Tyler Myers - Nikita Zaitsev trade rumors

Sekeres and Price: Rick Dhaliwal on the Sekeres and Price present, clearing the air on the Tyler Myers – Nikita Zaitsev commerce rumors after to the brokers J.P. Barry and Dan Milstein.

Sekeres: “Does Tyler Myers have the Ottawa Senators on his no-trade list? Is that what happens with this Myers-Zaitsev business?”

Dhaliwal: “I’m glad you introduced that up, trigger I’m going to say one thing right here.

J.P. Barry will get an enormous kick out of the Vancouver market and the Vancouver media. J.P. informed me very properly. Nothing has occurred. Myers was not requested to go to Ottawa. Myers was not requested. Let me repeat it once more. He was not requested to go to Ottawa.

Okay. Did the Canucks and Ottawa speak. Yes. Yes, they did nevertheless it by no means obtained to Dan Milstein both on the Zaitsev facet. Cause Milstein informed me. He mentioned they by no means requested us to waive to go to Vancouver. They by no means requested Myers to go to Ottawa. Never.”

Sekeres: “But why would they have to waive? It sounds to me Vancouver were on the no-trade list if they have to waive.”

Dhaliwal: “But, but, but, but, don’t you have to ask? It never got to calling the agents to ask.”

Sekeres: “But if neither guy had the team on their no-trade list, then they don’t need anybody’s permission, they just make the deal.”

Dhaliwal: “Ya, however what I’m saying to you, it by no means obtained to the brokers. There was nothing.

But one factor I’ll inform you. I’ve had multiple individual inform me this week, that Vancouver and Ottawa are nonetheless speaking, however I haven’t obtained that confirmed.

I’ve had multiple individual say that, don’t be shocked if Vancouver and Ottawa speak once more. But I imply I’m nonetheless wanting into that. But I’ve had multiple individual inform me these talks.

I perceive what you’re saying on the Myers-Zaitsev facet, I’m simply telling you what the brokers are telling me. I feel they mentioned it. I feel Ottawa was following Vancouver round within the first three video games of that Eastern highway journey. There’s positively one thing there guys.”

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