NHL Rumors: Is it Possible That Mike Babcock Could be Fired Without Coaching a Game for the Columbus Blues Jackets


First Up: Darren Dreger on the Mike Babcock scenario in Columbus.

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“Well, what we can inform you is that there will be conferences I think in New York in between the NHL and the Players Association. Now, it’s a formerly arranged conference, so although the primary focus will be the Babcock scenario, they’ll go over other products since they’ve got a great deal of work to do in between the league and the PA with particular calendar things they’re arranging through and all that.

But make no error about it, a great deal of Babcock conversation, and likely the NHL dissecting a few of the findings that Marty Walsh and Ron Hainsey found as part of their journey to Columbus .

The reason the executive director and his right-hand man male Hainsey went to Columbus is since when this was initially reported by Spittin’ Chicklets, certainly there was the reaction myself and others reported. The pushback from the Columbus Blue Jackets with declarations from Babcock, from Boone Jenner the captain of Blue Jackets, and so on.

And you’re best Aaron, it appeared like it was most likely going to disappear previously in the week to perhaps mid-week. But then the PA began to get extra details and perhaps doubled back in having discussions with particular gamers. Whoever those gamers are. I don’t understand. That then triggered the requirement for Walsh and Hainsey to get on an airplane and go to Columbus and have in person conversations, which they did.

So, it’s tough to hypothesize on what the real findings are however they’re severe. They’re severe. So is going to be an intriguing day, both in whether we can establish regarding precisely what they PA discovered and spoken with the Blue Jackets gamers. And then how the NHL anticipates the Columbus Blue Jackets ownership to react to the these findings.

So I believe it’s going to be critical in regards to the future of Mike Babcock with Columbus.

Host: “Dregs, considering we’re at the point where we are where both PA and the NHL are meeting to discuss this situation, do you think there could be a scenario here where Mike Babcock could potentially be removed as the head coach?”

Dreger: “Yeah. I imply that’s possible. It is. I’m not stating that is going to take place. Not reporting that is going to take place. But at this phase and based upon the details that has actually been found and percolated to the surface area in the last 2 days, I believe there’s a possibility of that.

And then beyond that Carlo, don’t you question management of the Columbus Blue Jackets?”

Colaiacovo: “Yeah, considering the statement they came out with. Yeah.”

Dreger: “Well, there is a performance history of this things, right? We understand that Babcock did something comparable with the Toronto Maple Leafs. You understand, there’s been long history and reporting on Babcock’s time with the Detroit Red Wings. So, you understand, there’s history in how this male sets about his training organization.

So, you understand, should Jarmo Kekalainen be held responsible for employing Mike Babcock in the very first location? I don’t understand the response to that. That’s a response that can just be addressed by ownership of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

But I’m not reporting it’s going to take place. I’m not anticipating it’s going to take place. To address your concern ‘Is it possible?” It is. Yes.”

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