NHL Rumors: Is Progress Being Made on the Jack Eichel Trade Front?


TSN: Pierre LeBrun on Insider Trading stated that Jack Eichel’s representative Pat Brisson has authorization from the Buffalo Sabres to share more medical info with groups that have an interest in trading for Eichel. Teams desire conditions connected to Eichel’s health, the Sabres are all right with that.

“So, top, some groups are now comfy with the synthetic disc replacement surgical treatment that Jack Eichel wishes to have, other groups not a lot. But a minimum of there’s some clearness in either case.

In the meantime, groups that have actually circled around back to Kevyn Adams and Adams has actually circled around back to groups. What has actually occurred in those conversations, I’m informed, is that groups are stating we need to have a conditional part to any prospective trade. Because we don’t understand what Jack Eichel is going to resemble when he returns. We don’t understand when precisely he’ll be back, although that surgical treatment recommends 4 months. And so what the Sabres have actually stated is yes, we’re going to need to have a conditional part to that trade.

That’s a huge offer. That’s a huge advancement due to the fact that groups can now feel a little bit more securely in getting in the next stage in trade talks. I don’t believe an offer looms, however once again, it’s another action in the procedure here as everybody attempts to get this offer done.”

Pierre LeBrun of The Athletic: Sources are stating that Jack Eichel’s representative Pat Brisson and Buffalo Sabres GM Kevyn Adams are talking 3 or 4 times a day to attempt and press an Eichel trade along.

Brisson has actually been talking and sharing medical information for around 10 days now to bring some clearness on Eichel’s health.

The sense is that Brisson and Adams are working favorably together however that doesn’t suggest that a trade is close to being total. That is the hope however there are still concerns.

Some groups don’t like the concept of the synthetic disc replacement, and some are all right with it.

Adding a condition to Eichel’s future assistance and potentially getting a start gamer at a sensible trade cost might get more groups interested. Eichel recovering this season appears not likely, however next season he’ll still just be 25-years old.

Eichel brings a $10 million cap hit, however the Sabres have lots of cap area to reclaim wage.

The Minnesota Wild and Philadelphia Flyers might not make good sense any longer, and the very same can be stated for the New York Rangers in spite of the consistent connecting of the 2. Believe the Calgary Flames and Anaheim Ducks still have some level of interest, which the Los Angeles Kings aren’t included.


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