NHL Rumors: Jack Eichel - Colorado Avalanche and the Vegas Golden Knights

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman on the 32 Thoughts the program on Sportsnet last night on the current on Buffalo Sabres Jack Eichel.

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“Well, this one is going to remain as a huge story till something gets done here however essentially what I comprehend is, among the most significant obstacles today to getting a Jack Eichel trade done, is that the Sabres, who by the method are unbeaten to begin the season, do not wish to keep any wage.

Now, they want to speak about taking agreements back to help with an offer, however it’s still tough with many groups near to the cap, and likewise Eichel still having 4 more years and $10 million a season left on his wage. So I’m informed that’s one of the most significant problems at that time. Will the Sabres want at all to budge on that?

For example, one group I think phoned to Buffalo to see if there was a method to make it work, was the Colorado Avalanche, however the Avalanche were informed, they weren’t in a position where Buffalo wanted to take wage and I heard the talks simply stopped there.

So, till that obstacle sort of relocations a bit Ron, or there is a service discovered to it, I believe it’s going to be among the problems.”

Jeff Marek when Ron McLean raises Vegas Golden Knights Nicolas Hague and Peyton Krebs potentially associated with Eichel speculation.

“That one thing I heard is Vegas was in conversation with the Buffalo Sabres. Vegas did not want to let go of Peyton Krebs. Nic Hague, as you mentioned, very much in that conversation as well. With all the injuries right now to the Vegas Golden Knights, and not just the Vegas Golden Knights, but also the AHL affiliate in Henderson, it’s going to be tough for Vegas to do anything right now.”

Friedman includes.

“Well don’t forget all these guys are going to come back. So even if you have the long-term injury relief, you still have to find a way to put them back. Pacioretty is out six weeks and there’s hope that with Mark Stone it’s not as bad as was initially feared, although we’ll see. They say he continues to be under further evaluation.”

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