NHL Rumors: Kraken and Carson Soucy, Maple Leafs and Michael Bunting, and the Salary Cap

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek on 32 Thoughts: The Podcast – Don’t Debug the EBUG, on Seattle Kraken defenseman Carson Soucy, Toronto Maple Leafs forward Michael Bunting and the income cap.

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Marek: “You reported Saturday about Nick Bjugstad and the Edmonton Oilers. I had actually discussed something about Carson Soucy after you also, defenseman for the Seattle Kraken. And I believe a great deal of individuals are questioning, once again, and this is a huge if, if Seattle chooses to do something with him. There’s a variety of groups that would be taking a look at Carson Soucy.

Discussion about Nick Bjugstad and the Edmonton Oilers

Marek: “Do you have a believed on Carson Soucy? Who I discussed on Saturday.

Friedman: “I like him.”

Marek: “I like him a lot too. He’s 16 minutes a night. I understand he’s a bottom-pairing man. It’s hard to get in that top-four with Seattle. And the dilemma here is, and by the method, there have actually been no discussions up till Saturday night that might have altered Sunday as we tape this however up till Saturday, no discussions in between Ron Francis and Jerry Johansson the representative there.

He’s on an ending agreement. Seattle is going terrific. Looking like quite a playoff group and perhaps even a playoff group that can do some damage come playoff time. We will see.

So the choice is, do you run the risk of losing him for absolutely nothing or do you move him for properties at the due date? Do you state to yourself if you’re Ron Francis, we can simply punt this up until after the season and we’ll still have a window to do something? We understand Soucy likes Seattle. What do you think about this gamer and this circumstance with Seattle?”

Friedman: “Well, first of all, I hope with after his career he becomes a talk show host, cause ‘Late Night with Carson Soucy’ has a great ring to it.”

Marek: “That’s a great handle for a talk show. Absolutely”

Friedman: “With Seattle, someone stated this to me about Boston too, and for the very first time Boston’s in fact in a downturn, however Seattle has something unique going on there today. And do you truly wish to play with that,

And the important things this year Jeff is, up until we understand what the cap is, the number of men are going to be getting signed? Not men like minimum men. Ben Harpur got signed week, and Juuso Valimaki got signed week. Those men are making numbers that are gonna tip your cap however men like Soucy who have a huge number to them, there’s going to be a great deal of men like that who don’t get signed Jeff.”

Marek: “I know, it’s going to be a brutal offseason. I know, it really is.”

Friedman: “Someone said to me, for example, there’s been a lot of talk about Toronto and )Michael) Bunting and (Conor) Timmins and everything. Timmins, if he’s going to sign for a couple years at a really low number by NHL standards, you can do that. But someone said to me, until Toronto knows what Matthews is going to do and where the cap the going to go, how can they make any kind of decisions?”

Marek: “Oh, they can’t. Especially on Bunting. Now, Bunting’s played a lot much better recently, however he had an uncomfortable being to the season. He had an excellent season in 2015 riding shotgun with Auston Matthews.

You’re taking a look at the next agreement, you’re stating, licking your chops, he’s using the leading line. But I’m with you, up until they understand the cap and Matthews, how do you do your spending plan? How do you find out just how much cash you have for a gamer like Michael Bunting? It’s an actually, truly difficult dance here.”

Friedman: “So, what I would do if I were these groups, and it’s a threat for everyone trigger the gamer might get a huge deal and go elsewhere, however if I was Seattle, I would simply state, look Carson, we have a great group here. We have an opportunity. If we can’t do this now, we’ll take our opportunity in the summer season, up until we understand what the number is.

In this specific case that might alter. I’m talking in basic. I need to state in a great deal of cases in the league this year, I’d be stating to men, appearance, we’re not going to understand up until the summer season, we’ll take our threat. Now, an extremely star gamer is various.

Like I stated, a few of the minimum men are various. But I believe a great deal of those men who are sort of in the middle, I believe you’re visiting groups state, we need to understand what the number is.”


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