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Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman on The Jeff Marek Show: Team Player or Sore Loser? on the Philadelphia Flyers.

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Marchese: “On the Flyers page, they bench Kevin Hayes, which I suggest, I don’t understand if John Tortorella is attempting to send out, well he’s attempting to send out a message. I don’t understand what that message is.

But, where do things go from here? Is there, are we taking a look at, undoubtedly there’s not a training modification occurring cause John Tortorella simply arrived, however are we taking a look at huge modifications amongst the company, either it be front workplace or gamers or are they still in the wait-and-see method to see what’s out there?

Friedman: “Well I simply believe the greatest concern is, to me the greatest concern is, what is their instructions? Where are they going here?

I believe they ought to (audio eliminate). That’s what I would do if I was the Flyers, however they need to make that choice. Until they state, ‘hey, we’re opting for a restore,’ then undoubtedly they’re attempting to win. And if you’re attempting to win you don’t make the very same choices that you produce a restore.

So I believe they need to dedicate to that prior to we can choose which instructions they’re going.



Marchese: “How much of that discussion is who’s going to be making those choices? Is it going to be Chuck Fletcher or is it going to be somebody else?

Friedman: “Yeah, I believe that’s a concern too. I believe he’s got 2 more years left on his agreement.

I likewise believe, Philly’s among those groups where I believe organizationally they simply aren’t insane about the entire reconstruct concept. I believe they ought to however they need to get their own heads twisted around it.”

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