NHL Rumors: St. Louis Blues, and the Carolina Hurricanes

Don’t anticipate a Blues shakeup quickly

Jeremy Rutherford of The Athletic: (mailbag) St. Louis Blues GM GM Doug Armstrong stated that coach Craig Berube isn’t the issue.

Armstrong might need to eventually do something however as he’s stated prior to that making a “shakeup” is difficult to do prior to the trade due date or in-season. It doesn’t actually make good sense for the Blues to do this now, and groups won’t be seeking to assist the Blues out. Something might occur closer to the March 3rd trade due date.

Could see the Blues attempting to re-sign Ryan O’Reilly for 2 or 3 years, however if not close on cash, might see them moving him near the due date. Vladimir Tarasenko might be moved also. From returns from previous due date, might see a very first- or second-round choice returning in a bundle.

Hurricanes GM on pending UFA Jordan Staal, and the trade due date

Cory Lavalette of The Athletic: An interview with the Carolina Hurricanes president and GM Don Waddell.

Waddell when inquired about Jordan Staal agreement extension talks.

“I’ve talked with the representative throughout training school, and I believe eventually here we’ll get together. I don’t expect it being a difficult one to get done. It’s simply a matter of finding out that we both need to create reasons we support whatever numbers we’re gonna get.

We desire Jordan to complete his profession here, and I believe Jordan wishes to complete his profession here. So I’m positive we’ll get something done.”

Waddell stated he’s in agreement with groups to see what is going on however he’s not thinking about making any modification simply for the sake of making a relocation. If something turns up that would enhance them, then they’d take a look at it.

“Is there anything that we’re focused on right now? Not really. We’ll continue to talk around the league. You know, it’s been very slow. Usually by U.S. Thanksgiving, there’s some trades made. And this year has been (quiet). I think the amount of injuries around the league has played a part in it, for sure. And once we get to the holiday season, we get through the Christmas and New Year’s part, I think things will pick up around the league. I’m not saying for us, necessarily, but around the league in general.”

Waddell includes that at the trade due date, really seldom can you include a gamer that ends up being the factor you win a Cup. You integrate in the offseason. Now, at the trade due date, it can be crucial to include depth and enhance your possibilities. He doesn’t take a look at it as including a game-changer to get them over the top.

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