NHL Rumors: The Arizona Coyotes, Los Angeles Kings, Jakob Chychrun and Brandt Clarke

Craig Morgan: Coyotes coach Andre Tourigny to press reporter Adam Vingan on Jakob Chychrun: “He will remain out of the lineup until something happens.”

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek on the 32 Thoughts: The Podcast on the  Arizona Coyotes, Jakob Chychrun, the Los Angeles Kings, and Brandt Clarke

** NHLRumors.com transcription

Marek: “What is the current as we tape-record this late Sunday night with Jakob Chychrun and the Arizona Coyotes?

Friedman: “First of all, you raise an asset. I have actually kept in mind times where I’ve gone to sleep and gotten up in the early morning and stated, ‘you know this happened over night, and you’re like Jesus bleeping whatever. Never sleep Jeff. That’s the lesson, never ever sleep.

Marek: “Sleep is for the weak Elliotte. Everything we’ve heard in the last 10 years is about how important sleep is. Sleep is for the weak everybody.”

Friedman: “It’s simply a stage, obtain through that stage.

Anyway, with the understanding that things can alter at any time, Jakob Chychrun, the Arizona Coyotes and the LA Kings resemble that sluggish budding love from high school. You see somebody you like. You’re interested. They’re interested. You both understand you’re type of thinking about each other. There’s some sluggish flirting. One of the 2 individuals actually needs to go and state, ‘I’m choosing this.’

Marek: ”  So past the point of the little note in the locker at lunch break. Past the whispers and the inform your pal that I believe that she or he is adorable. Like, we’re past that stage now?”

Friedman: “Yes, we’re past that stage. I believe the LA Kings made it extremely clear not just to the Coyotes however other groups, that in anything we think about, we are not consisting of Quinten Byfield and Brandt Clarke. I believe they felt highly about that and I had actually heard that they had actually let everyone understand that internally and everybody who inquired about it externally. No Byfield. No Clarke.

Despite that, the Clarke reports went nuts on Sunday and I think the Kings took the action of informing Clarke that he would not be traded. And you’ll take in a 2nd about Clarke’s weekend since you had some actually intel. I believe individuals ought to understand it.

As it warmed up on Saturday and Sunday, I believe everyone was believing LA was the group. And I believe LA remains in the chauffeur’s seat however I kept getting alerted, ‘It is not close. It is not close.’

I believe I hesitate to state this since things can alter at any time, I believe at someplace in between the Kings and Coyotes, there was a snag. Now that doesn’t imply that it’s difficult. That doesn’t imply it can’t occur however I do believe there was some type of snag.

I believe what the snag might have been, is that the Kings and the Coyotes were discussing an agreement that required to be moved, and they couldn’t concur. Like I don’t believe it was a primary member of the trade, however I believe it was possibly a secondary member of the trade and the 2 sides couldn’t settle on it. I believe that stalled the trade a bit.

Again, does that imply it can’t occur? No. I don’t believe it does imply that. I believe it still might possibly occur, however I do believe it gummed up the works for a bit. And that’s I believe where we are.

As we tape-record this Sunday night after the Super Bowl, I don’t get the sense, once again, well-known last words, old takes exposed, that this is going to occur night.

But that doesn’t imply it can’t be resuscitated. It might have been clever for the Coyotes to do this since they held Chychrun out of the video game and since they tweeted what they did, I question if it’s re-engaged some other groups.

I believe there are some other groups that are type of like, “Okay, this is in the final stages here. Let’s see if we can get back in it.” And I believe it is possible that’s taken place, which just clouds all of this.

Again, I do think the Kings and Coyotes were major. I do think there are major discussions in between them. I still believe it’s possible. I don’t believe it’s Clarke. I don’t believe it’s Byfield, and I believe among the prospective issues was an agreement that required to be moved and they couldn’t work it out.

That is my finest guess at where we are on Sunday night.

Marek: “To extend your high school film concept then, Rob Blake was playing the function of John Cusack in the boombox scene from ‘Say Anything,’ stating basically, ‘It’s time to see if we can in fact do this. I’m still interested over here.

You discussed Brandt Clarke a couple seconds back and after we completed 32 Thoughts on Saturday, and I was working from house. I got upstairs to view the 3rd duration of the video game and all of abrupt it was text after text after text and the common measure was, trigger we had actually discussed Toronto has actually rejected it. Edmonton has actually rejected it, it wasn’t going to be them, and the report that we had was the Los Angeles Kings are tossing cold water on it.

Now it was Dustin Brown night. So it was the statue. It was the jersey. It was Dustin Brown holding the Stanley Cup and I don’t believe they wished to sidetrack from that or remove from that. So I believe that was possibly part of all of this.

You and I went back and forth in text into the wee hours about attempting to find out, is Brandt Clarke associated with this. It specified where I’m questioning, thinking about just how much you’re reading social networks as a hockey gamer thinking about all the reports. states everybody leapt out to hypothesize that it it’s going to be Los Angeles, it’s going to be Brandt Clarke as a crucial piece returning.

I’m believing to myself, you understand, if I’m Brandt Clarke on the bus after a video game, I’m reading all this on my phone, and I’m stating, ‘Am I going to the Arizona Coyotes?’

We attempted to figure this one out, and I’m with you, I’ve been led to think all season long, and once again, no one is actually untouchable, however the 2 young gamers the Kings have, that they actually have not a great deal of desire to even take part in any trade discussions about, are Quinton Byfield and the abovementioned Brandt Clarke.

So, I was hesitant from the start. You and I both checked out it and inspected around. A great deal of individuals in the hockey market and at numerous levels and numerous leagues, since everybody has a sort of beneficial interest in this or a minimum of an interest in it, were sending me texts stating it’s going to be Brandt Clarke. It’s going to be Brandt Clarke. I’m believing to myself, ‘I wonder if Brandt Clarke thinks it’s going to be Brandt Clarke,’ that’s going to Arizona here.

But, jeez, you and I were texting to the wee hours attempting to arrange this one out and rapidly reached the concept that no Brandt Clarke wasn’t going to belong of this. Although I’ll inform you what, I got a text from one representative on Sunday early morning who stated the very same thing we were discussing on Saturday night, ‘what do you know about this deal? All I know is Brandt Clarke is involved’ to which I reacted, ‘I really don’t believe that’s taking place.’

But I’m sure you had the very same experience.”

Friedman: “Yes.

Marek: “Of people making that assumption or what’s the old line about a mistruth runs around the block before the truth gets out the front door. Like this thing spread like wildfire with Brandt Clarke. All through the industry.”

Friedman: “Honestly Jeff, the greatest difficulty I have in minutes like this where I’m attempting to be on top of things, is disbelieving things I think to be real. Things fly so quickly. Things fly so rapidly.

You have individuals who you actually trust who are informing things, however somebody stated to me Sunday night at the Super Bowl celebration I was at, ‘why aren’t you tweeting more about this’ and I stated ‘because things I’m hearing do not lineup with a few of the info that’s out there.’ And the worst thing you can be is incorrect. So in some cases I believe it’s much better to do it on the Pod like this and type of discuss the method I feel instead of do it out in social networks.

But as we stated at the start, that’s the very best I can inform you. I believe it was extremely major in between these 2 groups. I believe they legally attempted to get an offer done and I believe something snagged the offer. You understand what my theory is. An agreement that needs to be moved as part of this offer that they can’t get exercised. And we’ll see where this goes.

I do think to that there other groups who re-engaged, and we will see where they go here. They play Monday night versus Nashville, the Coyotes do. We’ll see if he remains in the lineup.

The other thing I wished to state about Saturday night, keep in mind in 2015 the Coyotes traded Ilya Lyubushkin to Toronto and it was a Saturday night and he was out. They didn’t make that type of tweet, he simply wasn’t in and I called somebody a couple of minutes prior to we broadcast and for our 32 Thoughts sector on Hockey Night, somebody stated be on top of this. Lyubushkin’s going to Toronto. I believe we stated and it occurred later on that night.

It wasn’t phased in this manner. This time the Coyotes did it in this manner, which I believe was clever. I’m never ever going to have an issue with a group doing that.

The other thing I question this case is, I likewise question if it was a scenario where possibly the trade wasn’t done, however they understood it was a possibility, and they weren’t going to risk it. Chychrun is a man whose had a great deal of injuries and I believe it was sort of like, “We’re talking. We don’t know if this trade is necessarily is going to happen, but it could happen, so we are playing it safe.” So they weren’t lying, however it wasn’t always best on the edge of taking place.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

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