NHL Rumors: The Florida Panthers don't have much cap space or assets to trade

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman on The Jeff Marek Show – Marchese & Friedman: Team Player or Sore Loser (Dec. 22nd).

Matt Marchese: “Now Florida is 12th in the East in points. It’s a much tigher Eastern Conference, I’ll state that much, however this does seem like … Do I believe they’ll leave this? Sure. Do I believe they’ll require to determine their goalies, do their goalies require to be more constant? Sure.

But this is likewise, they’re not in a position where they can simply trade out of their issues today either.”

Friedman: “No. No they can’t since their simply, they likewise don’t have a great deal of resources to trade with.

My position is that if they had the properties to trade for (Jakob) Chychrun, they would have either been attempting to do it or they would have it done currently. But the don’t. they went all in in 2015. They traded away a great deal of their choices and they don’t have the capability today to.

I believe a lot, the begining of this year, if all of us had a concern about the Panthers, it was going to be, might they safeguard. They needed to have great goaltending. I believe (Spencer) Knight is going to be great. I believe he’s legitimate, however he’s not all set to be the full-time, top yet. And (Sergei) Bobrovsky’s truly had a hard time.

So, you’ve got an issue. And that’s the important things. They’re tight in the cap and they don’t have a lot pieces that they can move for leading end gamers. And so they’re in a truly difficult area. There’s no concern about that.

I likewise believe that there’s something to be stated for, is this the time for you to blow whatever capital you have actually left. And in 2015 I comprehended why they did what they did. They took a crack at, and they must have taken a perform at it. I’m simply not exactly sure if now they must be thinking about that cause I’m not exactly sure they’re good enough.”



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