New York Rangers projected lines

NHL Network: EJ Hradek, Mike Johnson and Stu Grimson go over the New York Rangers require for a high-end winger, somebody like Patrick Kane or Vladimir Tarasenko.

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Hradek: “There’s been a great deal of conversation about the Rangers. And Patrick Kane’s name has actually shown up. He hasn’t actually showed precisely how he wishes to play, as his profession, or his agreement sort of ends in Chicago this year.

For the Rangers, what do you make from his group?

Johnson: “Good group. Had a good run. Great goalie however they require a winger. Like Kravtsov hasn’t rather had it done this year. Lafreniere has actually had some minutes. Vesey’s been alright.

You’d like the infusion of a high-end winger. And there’s 2 that enter your mind, one the apparent one, Patrick Kane. The connection with Panarin. They’re relationship formerly on the ice. They were so excellent together. Patrick Kane needs to make that choice. I don’t understand just how much it’s going to cost to get Patrick Kane, however he may assist reduce that expense due to the fact that if he doesn’t offer Chicago an entire lot of groups to get traded too, they can’t, if they desire something back, they won’t have the ability to get rather as much for Patrick Kane.

So, I understand that a person that a person’s hot and it’s apparent, and he’s not having as excellent this year as he usually has

Hradek: “A little dinged up right now.”

Johnson: “Yep. So, the concept of simply him and Panarin back together on Broadway. gets everybody thrilled.

But I likewise believe another man who may be a great suitable for what the Rangers wish to do, is Vladimir Tarasenko, who’s a pending UFA. If St. Louis falls out of it and they choose they wish to make some relocations, and they’re not going to re-sign Tarasenko which is where I believe they’re at.

Then you get a man who’s simply a one, fast strike shooter, which’s something the Rangers might utilize in their top-six. They have a great deal of excellent gamers however a man who can score objectives. He’s been excellent in the playoffs prior to. He’s a huge, strong man. Having a little bit of much better year than Kane, however on a group that’s having a hard time a bit.

I believe either among these 2 people, depending upon the expense to get them, would be, would fill a space for the Rangers.

Grimson: “And I believe Tarasenko can be found in a much better worth than does Kane in my estimate. To me that’s a much better fit.

Johnson: “Is that getting worth or agreement worth?

Grimson: “Contract worth. Fitting him in. Kane’s..

Johnson: “$10.5 (million).”

Grimson: “$10 million hit.”

Johnson: “Tarasenko’s $8.5 (million).”

Grimson: “So little less of a hit.”

Johnson: “But I imagine, to make any of these trades, Chicago’s eating half and St. Louis is eating half. Like you’re getting a $5 million Kane or a $4 million Tarasenko.”

Grimson: “I would say that’s probably fair.”

Hradek: “Or there’s a third team involved to facilitate the deal. ”

Grimson: “I would say where the fit with Tarasenko is concerned, this is a guy to me that looks braced to a new change of environment. New change of circumstances. Revert back to some of that explosive, dynamic form you’re referencing that we saw from him more consistently earlier on in his career.”

Johnson: “Last year he had a career year. He was awesome last year.”

Grimson: “And too I’ll make this point Johnny, any time you can put a Russian player in a complement of other Russian players and essentially create a small community of Russians, and I saw this in Detroit with Scotty Bowman with the fabulous five we had there. That to me would really be a spark to this group for a variety, some of them kind of, around the fringes type circumstance.”

Hradek: “I would likewise include, you speak about Chicago. They’re certainly, I’ve been joking it a demolition and not actually a restore today. They’ve actually cleaned whatever out.

If Kane chooses, they hey, I will be alright with being traded, and you can help with a trade to the Rangers, is (Alexis) Lafreniere in the mix going the other method?

Johnson: “(Vitali) Kravstov.”

Hradek: “You might say Kravtsov, I might say Lafreniere. That’s were the Rangers have the ability to make this work because they have some young players…”

Grimson: “It’s an area of strength for them.”

Hradek: “… that they can afford to move one of those guys, even if one of those guys goes on to be a really good player. They’ve built their team in a weird way cause you’ve got a great goalie. You have some young players on defense, but they got older players in that group too, and I think the window is now, than five years from now”

Johnson: “Now. It’s a remarkable discussion.

I don’t believe they quit K’Andre Miller, as a young man.”

Hradek: “No.”

Johnson: “But they have Kravtsov, (Kaapo) Kakko, Lafreniere, maybe (Filip) Chytil. Though I don’t know the Rangers want to give Chytil up cause he’s a centerman. Any of those wingers I think would be in that conversation.”

Hradek: “You saw one of their prospects in Junior. Othmann.”

Johnson: “Brennan Othmann. Yep. He looks actually excellent and he might be the sort of man Chicago, which would be the sort of man you would trade to make these sort of huge relocations. To get excellent gamers you need to quit excellent gamers.

But it is intriguing and I do believe the Rangers will be aggressive.

** transcription

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