NHL Rumors: The Ottawa Senators and Vancouver Canucks

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek on 32 Thoughts: The Podcast – Doing the Wright Thing – on the prospective trade talks in between the Vancouver Canucks and Ottawa Senators.

Marek: “Something else from Saturday too. Vancouver and the Ottawa Senators going over offers including defensemen

Friedman: “I had a couple individuals who stated to me, ‘did you say that Zaitsev turned down the deal?’ and I stated ‘no, I don’t think that taken place.’

I can’t offer you the precise timeline. It’s sort of tough to state.

Marek: “Just so we present this appropriately here. this is an offer including both Tyler Myers and Nikita Zaitsev.

Friedman: “Yes. So there’s been a great deal of smoke around Ottawa since of, everyone understands they are looking D. And then Mike Grier came out publically with Erik Karlsson. We listen. Then you and I discussed Ottawa and we heard that they talked however it doesn’t seem a match. We understand Ottawa is searching for a D.

Then there began to be a great deal of reports about Tyler Myers declining an offer to the Senators at some time. And I will state on that one. There’s a great deal of varying viewpoints flying around about what took place and who did what and who didn’t do what.

Rick Dhaliwal, who I happen with every other Monday. I scream out Rick and Don Taylor since we’re happy, they offer a cost for doing that and they happily contribute it to the Canucks Autism network which I’m extremely pleased to contribute to. So, I’m happy to plug them. He stated that Myers hadn’t declined a trade to Ottawa.

I heard the very same thing just recently. Again, there’s a great deal of individuals with varying viewpoints on this.

But as it stands, I do believe Ottawa and Vancouver discussed a Myers for Zaitsev offer, and it never ever specified where, a minimum of not just recently, when Myers even needed to accept it. And Myers might obstruct it. I believe it’s even possible that Zaitsev might obstruct it. I’m not exactly sure, however it’s not like he’d obstruct it. He was going to Belleville.  So he wasn’t going to state no to anything.

And some individuals were asking me, ‘why would these teams do that?” To me, I think it’s really basic. For Ottawa who have actually lost self-confidence in Zaitsev, they would have a gamer that they would utilize in Myers. For Vancouver, you get $1.5 million in cap space. Because despite the fact that they’re signed for another season, Myers is a $6 million cap hit and Zaitsev is $4.5 . So that’s a factor there and Vancouver is searching for a bit more cap space to do some things.

The other thing here to is that the factor I believe it didn’t get to a phase where anybody particularly asked to authorize it, is that I don’t believe they might settle on what else would become part of the offer.

I believe there was the possibility of a draft choice, possibly another person consisted of, and I simply don’t believe the 2 groups might settle on it. So that’s why it didn’t take place.

And the other too is, we pointed out, I’m sure it’s true, that there was at least one gamer that declined an offer to Ottawa which is why a great deal of individuals began questioning Myers. But in this case, it’s not time.

I imply appearance, it simply reveals what Ottawa is attempting to do to discover more D, and now Bernard-Docker got harmed. So possibly they may require Zaitsev once again. We’ll see. I don’t understand where all this is going to go.

But it simply reveals you, a great deal of the work that Ottawa is attempting to do to discover defensemen. Like they are not sleeping on this one. They are truly attempting to do it. I believe Saturday’s video game was truly hard for them and their fans. The Devils are truly excellent. They had a huge crowd.  Their fans were extremely dissatisfied.  Not that you might blame them. It was a bad loss. The crowd and social networks all over the coach. Brady Tkachuk protects the coach which is what the captain ought to do.

I imply it’s a difficult time there today. It’s been a tough start to the year. You and I have actually spoken about the hidden numbers have really been okay for them up until just recently. But at the end of the day you need to have W’s. You definitely need to have W’s.”

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