NHL Rumors: The Toronto Maple Leafs and Jake Muzzin

TSN: Darren Dreger on TSN on the injury to Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Jake Muzzin and goaltender Matt Murray. What it might suggest for the Leafs and how it might affect they what they are attempting to do this season.

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“Yeah, well, it might need to since although Toronto’s backend is much better than Vancouver’s, we can all see that Toronto has some problems defensively too. Not to drag you people into that discussion which you’ve currently had a 1,000 times to this point in the season.

But my understanding, Dubas has actually been trying to find rather a long time for an upgrade. The issue was, entering the routine season, when you have $4 of cap area, you aren’t updating anything since you’re going to need to offer pieces of worth and based upon how early it is too, what are you getting of worth out there that is going to alter your group? You’re not at this moment as groups are still attempting to determine what they have. So, it’s a problem.

As long as Samsonov continues to play the manner in which Toronto requires him to play, I think that takes a little ease off the goaltending circumstance.

I’m concerned for Jake Muzzin. More from the viewpoint of simply Jake Muzzin, who’s a young daddy and has a long life to live ahead of him. We’ve all seen very first hand what is ins 2015 resembled with the injuries.

That was flat out frightening based upon how he decreased and the preliminary reaction. He’s been noted with a neck injury. Placed on hurt reserve. They’re going to be very cautious and not to be an alarmist, the only thing I was informed, we ought to anticipate this to be a long, long period of time. So, whatever that implies. Lets hope that’s not the case. You desire the gamer to get healthy for the rest of his life, however if he can get healthy and play once again then that’s going to bode well for the Leafs too, however that’s not his leading concern.”

Bryan Hayes: “That’s tough man. This is ultimately going to come back to Kyle Dubas. Conversations over the summer. A lot of people suggesting maybe you look to flip Muzzin because of the inury problems. You’re not sure if he can be available for you.”

Jeff O’Neil: “Who would have had an interest in that?’

Hayes: “But that’s the issue. I mean, obviously that is understandable. I don’t know how many teams would be. But you also compound that and bring in Matt Murray, and Murray is the goaltending version of that. We’re a week into the season and we don’t know when both are going play. Dubas is gambling.”

Dreger: “Yeah. Just to insert there. Just to offer you sort of a piece of my life. Around the trade due date or, and more to the point in the offseason, since Toronto required Jake Muzzin, intending to go deep in the playoffs. All that things. Even though he went through what he went through last season with injuries.

A number of groups called, or I called them, whatever, nevertheless the vibrant decreased. You inquire about a great deal of gamers when you’re forming your techniques of an expert entering into the offseason, possibly as much as the draft, whatever. I lobbed Muzzin’s name out there independently to a handful of groups that I understood remained in the marketplace for defense. Loved the character of the male, would have definitely, one hundred percent interested if they believed that he was healthy and didn’t the miles on him that he .

He’s going to recall whenever his profession ends and ideally he still has time left, if that implies he’s healthy. Man he played hard for a great deal of years. Teams around the league acknowledge the fight injuries and scar tissue and were stressed over it. So, I don’t believe there was that much interest to be reasonable.”



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