NHL Rumors: Timo Meier - Where could he end up? Are the Sharks slow playing this?

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek on 32 Thoughts: The Podcast – Big Daddy Kane on San Jose Sharks pending RFA Timo Meier.

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Marek: “Timo Meier it feels and look as if this thing is headed towards New Jersey, which suggests he won’t trigger that’s the nature of how things go. But it does actually appear to line up here for the New Jersey Devils.

If you take a look at what a group like the Maple Leafs were unprepared to spend for Timo Meier. I want to the New Jersey Devils and I state, ‘you know what, the New Jersey Devils can pay that price.’ Plus they have a requirement. Plus it appears like a genuine fit. Plus it’s a playoff group. Like whatever appears to associate Timo Meier and the New Jersey Devils.

What are we missing out on if anything?”

Friedman: “I don’t believe you’re missing out on anything Jeff. We simply don’t have an offer. See with Toronto being out, I don’t believe they were the top competitor and even the second competitor however they remained in the race and they were a bit more of a long shot, however they existed.

I concur with you. Everybody appears to believe here that New Jersey is not just the most likely location that he winds up if you’re handicapping it however what somebody stated to me was, they’re most likely the location that requires him one of the most. I stated to a couple individuals, what do you suggest by that, and what they stated is that, ‘look, the Islanders have gone out and they’ve included (Bo) Horvat for 8 years. The Rangers headed out and got their man Tarasenko and they might win the Stanley Cup this year.’

One of the important things you consider is, is much like the regional arms race. When you’re New Jersey, you’re constantly fighting for attention. You’re constantly fighting to get seen. This is the year you men have a fantastic group and Meier is readily available who’s a distinction maker of a gamer who might be yours for several years.

And they simply stated for like on the ice factors he’s a hell of gamer and New Jersey’s a little a little group. People likewise speak about that being the best location for Meier to go due to the fact that he’s precisely what they require in regards to a larger, more powerful forward who can score. Really skilled man.

So individuals take a look at it as the fit from an on-ice viewpoint and the off-ice viewpoint of, ‘hey, we’re the Devils, we believe the very best group in New York. We have actually been for the majority of the year and now we’re going to reveal while the Islanders and Rangers are including, well  we believe we’re much better than them so we’re going to include too. It’s an actually interesting discussion.

The something that somebody stated to me is, they feel that (San Jose Sharks GM) Mike Grier is prepared to slow play this a bit. And when you’re a brand-new basic supervisor individuals wish to comprehend, K, what is this man’s MO? Like every basic supervisor has an MO.

Doug Wilson they call the dental practitioner cause he would simply drill you which was his label. Brad Treliving has a track record as a man who like to be on whatever. He likes to understand whatever that is going on around the league. There are the GMs who are really tight with the details. Bill Armstrong in Arizona is establishing a track record as a little a salesperson. He’s excellent at speaking with you and offering you on why what he is going to propose benefits you. So everyone’s got their rep.

So individuals are attempting to determine the method Grier manages this. What is his representative going to be? What a single person stated to me is, he’s sluggish playing this. Okay, if you play cards and you’re a sluggish gamer, what that suggests is you wait and you wait and you wait and they you make your huge bet.

And the only factor you slow play, there’s 2 factors you sluggish play.  Number one is due to the fact that you don’t have anything and you’re bluffing, or second, you have an actually great hand and you’re attempting to attract individuals to learn who’s actually in this video game with you. You wish to see who else may have a great hand or who else is actually going to exist with you at the end.

Well, it’s clearly ‘B.’ He’s got the very best gamer readily available. They believe he’s going to wait this out, wait this out, wait this out, wait this out, and after that see at the end who might flex to him a bit.

Now that I’ve stated this, he’ll most likely trade him 2 seconds after the pod drops. But a minimum of that’s the early continue reading the marketplace.

Marek: “Email from San Jose coming in.”

Friedman: “I believe that’s actually intriguing due to the fact that you wish to see how positive a brand-new basic supervisor seems with an essential piece of the due date. People appear to believe he’s actually positive.

Now, among things I’ve found out about the Sharks is, they don’t feel that their possibility swimming pool is as great as they’d like it to be.”

Marek: “I believe that a 100 percent. 100 percent Elliotte.”‘

Friedman: “And I’m not talking a couple of specific potential customers, I’m speaking about the whole swimming pool. I don’t desire individuals going to William Eklund and state, ‘hey, the Sharks think you’re not excellent.’ That’s not what I’m speaking about here. I’m speaking about I believe simply the general group of it.

Marek: “The depth of pool is not where they would like it. That’s safe to say. I’ve heard that from multiple people.”

Friedman: “So, one group stated to me, they believe what Grier desires is a lots of draft choices so he can move the preliminary this year. St, Louis is going to have the ability to do that cause they’re going to have 3 of them depending upon what they choose to do. But they believe the Sharks desire that too. They desire numerous first-rounders so they can move the swimming pool and they desire a great deal of choices.

So we’ll see what ends up being the reality. this is all speculation today. We’ll see what takes place when he makes the offer. But they believe that Griere’s material to wait till he gets what he desires. And who’s left standing here is, Jersey clearly, and Jersey desires an extension as part of this. Carolina is still there and the important things about Carolina is, if you take a look at the method Carolina operates, and you take a look at their cap circumstance, I would believe that they are comfy with getting him, even offering him the certifying deal next year and simply playing this out for a year and a half.

Now that might not be what they choose to do, however if you take a look at the method they do things, they slap a worth on you and after that they work around that worth. I can see Carolina doing that cause they have the capability and versatility to do that. So that’s second.

And I do question Vegas. It makes a great deal of sense for them. I question if they’re sort of like a Vegas tax. Now I understand Nevada is a no tax state however I take a look at San Jose handling Vegas and I questioned, does San Jose state if he’s going to go to Vegas, it needs to be a bit more. We’re going to learn.

But the other group I do question is Winnipeg. Now, the important things about the Jets is, I believe this is the year they must be going all out. I believe they’ve got a great group in a large open Western Conference. The something about the Jets is, they didn’t like their last 4 leasings with Kevin Hayes, the (Paul) Stastny one ended up actually well

Here’s the important things about the Jets is, (Blake) Wheeler, he’s got another year. (Pierre-Luc) Dubois, all of us understand that his circumstance leans towards Montreal. So Mark Schiefele likewise has another year and after that he’s a UFA. And what Winnipeg might do if they desired, is they might trade for Meier, trigger they might do it, and they might essentially choose, we’re constructing our whole group around him, or our cutting edge around him. And in theory, it’s an actually great strategy and if I was Winnipeg, I’d think about that.

There’s one defect in the lotion with my strategy, which is, does Meier wish to remain in Winnipeg long-lasting? And I simply don’t believe Winnipeg can make this offer for what it’s going to cost them without that guarantee.

If it was me, would I state try Meier for many years and a half and see where this going? Yeah, in a routine circumstance I would, however I don’t believe Winnipeg can do that, and I understand the method they believe, and I comprehend the method they believe. I don’t believe they would do that without guarantees, and I constantly presume there’s groups out there I haven’t considered Jeff, constantly.”





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