NHL Rumors: What kind of trade value does Vancouver Canucks forward Andrei Kuzmenko have?

Sportsnet 650: Jamie Dodd and Thomas Drance on if the Vancouver Canucks need to think about trading winger Andrei Kuzmenko and what his worth may be.

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Dodd: “When we type of consider the broad objectives of the group, perhaps entering into the summer season, perhaps beyond, 2 things stand apart.

One of them is reallocating cash from the wings, right, to center and the blueline if you can. Which is difficult to do. That’s one.

And I believe another one is, attempting to get the kinds of gamers that fit the design of play that (Rick) Tocchet and by extension the management group that employed him, desire this group to play, right?

And I believe that describes why they’ve signed Ilya Mikheyev, why they got Anthony Beauvillier although it included cash and included gamers they are dedicated too on the wings due to the fact that they believe those people have that type of speed. North-south design of play.

Well if you’re attempting to do both of those things. If you’re attempting to reallocate cash from the wings and likewise get people who fit Tocchet’s design more, the name that pops into my head quickly that you should want to check out moving is Andrei Kuzmenko, right? Because yeah, I comprehend Conor Garland and Brock Boeser, perhaps you believe you might do both of it with them. They’re inefficient agreements and they don’t fit your design of play.

But at a particular point you need to want to offer worth to get worth. And if Andrei Kuzmenko, if groups take a look at him and are really ready to offer you genuine worth back, whether it’s a third-line center, whether it’s properties you can turn for a third-line center, you need to want to check out that example, right? You can’t fall under the trap of, ‘well we’re in love with Andrei Kuzmenko. We’re in love with Anthony Beauvillier. You couldn’t potentially check out trading them. We just wish to move Garland or Boeser.’

I’m not stating you need to trade Andrei Kuzmenko, however when we understand about how Tocchet utilized him down the stretch, perhaps about a few of the concerns how he suited Tocchet’s design, and the reality that he is an excellent gamer. I wish to make that clear. The factor I bring this up is cause he’s an excellent gamer on an excellent agreement.

An excellent gamer on an excellent agreement is the example you can trade and really get something excellent back. If you’re just set on trade people who are underperforming, you’re not going to get much back. You may need to consider trading someone who’s excellent and on an excellent agreement, and to me the name that makes a great deal of sense is Andrei Kuzmenko.”

Drance: “Well, you understand I concurred with you 5 months back, or 3 months back, however I no longer do. Because the dedication they signed him to substantially sterilizes his worth. And I don’t indicate Kuzmenko has no worth, I indicate that he has less trade worth than he has genuine worth to the Canucks at this minute in time, and here’s why.

At completion of the day the north-south issues you’re raising, the speed issues, and the repeatability issues, are not distinct idea pearls. They’re shared around the league therefore, for the minute anyhow, I believe Kuzmenko would be seen. I indicate groups would like to, or there’s at least a couple of groups that would chance and be the group holding that specific lotto ticket.

But it’s not the like when he was on an entry-level offer and might fit on any group trying to find their variation of Evgenii Dadonov ahead of the due date.

Now you’re discussing a $5.5 million dedication for a person who, yeah, he had 75 points last season and he practically scored 40 objectives, however he likewise roadway shotgun with Elias Petterson and shot the lights out from a portion perspective and produced at a rate that he’s never ever come close to matching at any other level of hockey formerly in his professional profession.

In the occasion that Kuzmenko repeats, then his agreement has huge worth. Today, as a person coming off a profession year, without a performance history in the playoffs, without a performance history of doing this year over year, and without having actually shown that he can drive his own line or drive offense for his own line, truthfully, I don’t believe he would have much trade worth duration due to the fact that of the unpredictability in his profile.

But once again, this might go one method or the other. If he duplicates, then you’re discussing an enormous plus for the Canucks. Like an enormously effective, incredibly team-friendly offer.

I believe that’s why I organized him team-friendly due to the fact that based upon his sample of efficiency to this point, I don’t believe it’s reasonable to state that it’s not a reasonable offer. There’s a genuine opportunity he does this once again. If he simply repeats, then you’re taking a look at a take agreement. Will bump him up the list substantially. If nevertheless, he’s a 50-point person, then you’re quite discussing Conor Garland. Then you’re discussing another fair-value agreement.

So, based upon the marketplace for wingers, I simply don’t believe Kuzmenko at this moment in time would have the sort of trade worth to tip him over into the sphere you’re discussing. Which resembles the important gamer for important futures cap dump type trade.

I don’t believe he certifies as that any longer, which is among the reasons prior to the due date and regardless of, like you stating: ‘Hey, look. This is a good player, but…’ I believed it was most likely the most sensible strategy to deal him.”


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