NHL Rumors: What's up with Patrick Kane and the Chicago Blackhawks?


Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek on 32 Thoughts: The Podcast – What’s up with … on Patrick Kane and the Chicago Blackhawks.

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Marek: “What’s happening with Pat Kane?”

Friedman: “So Pat Kane didn’t use Friday in the 2-0 win over Arizona and he didn’t use Sunday. As we’re taping this, they’re going to play Calgary . And Luke Richardson stated, appearance, we don’t play once again till Thursday so it makes good sense to offer him more rest, and he’s going to have a treatment.

So we discussed this briefly on Saturday night in our sector. There has actually been a report that Pat Kane is handling something. Some of sort of injury. Some sort of unpleasant injury for some time period. And at some time, he going to require a clean-up. I don’t understand precisely what the treatment would be, so I don’t wish to go excessive even more into this, however the report is he would possibly require a clean-up.

So I’ve been considering this and this is my viewpoint. I am spitballing this. I question if what takes place here, this actually impacts him and he either can’t play or visibly affects him. I question if the option is, Kane and the Blackhawks consent to a one-year extension. He shuts himself down. He goes and gets whatever treatment he requires and he returns next year healthy and renewed and we go through this once again.

Again, that’s my viewpoint. I’m taking a look at manner ins which this can work due to the fact that to be completely truthful, if he visibly has a hard time cause he harming, it’s bad for everybody. It’s bad for him. It’s bad for the Blackhawks and attempting to move him. And it’s bad for another group that may be thinking about him.

So I was considering this when I heard he wasn’t going to play.  And once again, he might get absolutely healthy and this might not be an issue. But if this is going to be a problem, I do question if the result is going to be a one-year extension for Kane in Chicago, and they go through this once again next year. That’s my viewpoint.

Marek: “Let me sort of wheel around that idea. That would be Pat Kane doing a genuine strong for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Friedman: “I think it would also be the Blackhawks doing something that they probably weren’t planning on doing. But it benefits them too.”

Marek: “It actually benefits them due to the fact that eventually, I imply listen, if Pat Kane, and once again, we’re spitballing here, if Pat Kane gets closed down for the season, they can’t move him and Pat Kane can stroll in the offseason absolutely nothing.

This method you sign him to the 1 year handle the understanding you’re going to move him. And we’ve seen this in the past, more just recently with John Klingberg in Anaheim. We all understand why he was signed. And suddenly you’re doing something for that Blackhawks group.

That’s Patrick Kane doing a strong for the Chicago Blackhawks.”

Friedman: “I think the other thing too is that I’m still not 100 percent convinced that Kane and Toews ever envision themselves in another uniform.”

Marek: “I always saw them retiring as Hawks.”

Friedman: “I think we all did right? Again, it all depends on how healthy he is or isn’t and how he looks. But this might be something that it punts the ball down the line but it could solve everybody’s problems.”

Marek: “It would explain some of the play that we’ve seen out of Patrick Kane so far this season. Right? Like still, most teams will have, I’ll take Patrick Kane at 75 percent over a lot people at 100 percent. But this hasn’t been a quote, unquote Patrick Kane-type season, Elliotte, has it.”

Friedman: “No, it has not. And it would make sense. Again, this is something I’ve heard has been lingering for quite some time. And sometimes these things get better with rehab and sometimes you say we’re going to go that path first but eventually, you get to a point where you say, okay, we got to deal with it. And I think everybody is wondering here if we’re going to get to that point.”

** NHLRumors.com transcription


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