Novak Djokovic to miss Miami Open after being denied COVID vaccine exemption


Novak Djokovic will miss out on the approaching Miami Open competition after being not able to get an exemption from an existing U.S. federal government policy avoiding foreign nationals who are unvaccinated versus COVID-19 from getting in the nation. This will mark the 2nd U.S. competition this year that Djokovic has actually missed out on due to the policy in addition to the continuous Masters competition in Indian Wells, Calif.

According to Reuters, the policy disallowing unvaccinated foreign nationals from getting in the U.S. is anticipated to end May 11, when the federal government is set to end its COVID-19 emergency situation statements.  

“We tried to get Novak Djokovic to be allowed to get an exemption, but that wasn’t able to happen,” Blake informed Tennis Channel. “Obviously, we’re one of the premier tournaments in the world. We’d like to have the best players that can play. We did all that we could. We tried to talk to the government, but that’s out of our hands.”

Djokovic, who decided to avoid Grand Slams rather of getting a COVID vaccine, has actually gradually had the ability to go into competitions he had actually formerly been disallowed from as federal governments and competitions have actually dropped vaccine requireds. Djokovic went back to the Australian Open in January, which he won for a record 10th time a year after being deported by Australian authorities over his vaccination status.

Djokovic has actually decreased to discuss not having the ability to dip into Miami and has actually specified will rather concentrate on his next competition at the Monte Carlo Masters.

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