Rams' Matthew Stafford battling severe tendinitis in throwing arm; pain could linger into 2022 season

When Matthew Stafford tries to duplicate as a Super Bowl-winning quarterback in 2022, he might do so having actually hardly tossed the ball throughout the offseason. After getting an injection for arm discomfort and tossing no passes throughout spring exercises, the Rams star was restricted at practice yet once again beginning Wednesday, and coach Sean McVay informed press reporters Stafford will not be a complete individual for the rest of training school. That’s due to the fact that the QB is fighting extreme elbow tendinitis in his tossing arm, according to NFL Media.

Stafford went through a small treatment after discomfort “cropped up in the spring,” Ian Rapoport reported Thursday, however his elbow “did not get to a place where it needs to be.” The Rams are not excessively worried about Stafford’s long-lasting health, per Rapoport, however even McVay has actually recommended the QB will not be pain-free by the time Los Angeles starts its 2022 season.

“It’s just more of, when you really look at the totality of it, (we) want to try to have him operate in as little as pain as possible,” the coach stated today. “I think anytime that you’ve played as long and are as tough as he is, I don’t know if you’re ever truly pain-free, but the goal would be for Sept. 8 and really looking toward 17 games, then hopefully some games after that if we earn that opportunity.”

If Stafford has in fact been identified with tendinitis, his injury will likely be hard to deal with, an orthopedic physician informed CBS Sports, and it would be crucial that he rest his arm as much as possible prior to the season. It’s really possible, even if the discomfort subsides, that it might flare once again throughout and throughout the season; at that point, it would refer Stafford’s tolerance for discomfort while tossing, if he kept playing. Repeat injections, it must be kept in mind, can eventually deteriorate tendons.

Stafford was not restricted at practice when the Rams initially opened camp, and he resumed a minimum of some throwing Thursday, however McVay has actually bewared not to strain the QB, calling Stafford’s condition “abnormal for a quarterback” and comparing it to concerns dealt with by MLB pitchers. The coach formerly suggested Stafford would be on a “pitch count” over the summer season, in an effort to keep the ruling champ healthy.

The Rams start their three-game preseason schedule Aug. 13. It’s not likely Stafford, who this offseason signed a four-year, $160 million extension with L.A., will take any snaps prior to the group’s Week 1 match with the Bills.

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