SLAM's Official Top 75 1-on-1 NBA Players of All Time List

As the League commemorates it’s 75th anniversary, there’s numerous Top 75 lists out there currently. In reality, we’ve got numerous of our own, from SLAM’s Top 75 Players of All Time Special Issue to most just recently our Top 75 NBA Teams of All Time (store here). We might’ve quickly left it at that, however after taking a look at Tracy McGrady’s brand-new Ones Basketball 1-on-1 League, we began considering the very best 1-on-1 NBA gamers of perpetuity.

So, we chose to have some enjoyable with it and assembled a vibrant list, classified based upon height, of all of the names that must be consisted of because discussion.


1. Allen Iverson
A one-man transformation where the cross was simply the start. He’s the master mixer on
our list for a factor.

2. Kyrie Irving
Hang it in the Louvre. KAI’s video game is totally its own art type.

3. Stephen Curry
The biggest shooter of perpetuity requires simply a sliver of area to make you pay, all while
looking down the crowd as the ball drops through the internet. Uncanny.

4. Derrick Rose
Athleticism that was exceptional and the nonexistence of worry had D. Rose bullying the
League as the youngest MVP ever.

5. Chris Paul
A mid variety sage. A flooring general. A Point God.

6. Gilbert Arenas
Agent Zero was deadly, tactical and surgical in leaving protectors thinking what part
of the bag will be released.

7. Damian Lillard
You can select him up, however what follows is totally on you.

8. Russell Westbrook
Shot out of a cannon, if No. 0 is barrelling down the court, you finest clear the runway.

9. Isiah Thomas
Lower to the ground simply suggested more methods to assault as the deal with powered the
imagination that No. 11 enacted on his method to snagging 2.

10. Jerry West
The Logo was continuously sculpting up defenses to drop pails and pennies left and right.

11. Ja Morant
The ascension has actually been acknowledged. Call 12, and he’s constantly gonna respond to.

12.Baron Davis
A mix of whatever. Baron brought to life the uber athletic screens of guard play that
we’ve ended up being enthralled with throughout the years.

13. Trae Young
There’s a brand-new bad guy in the area and he’ll take your heart and your group’s straight to the

14. Tiny Archibald
Ain’t absolutely nothing small about this male’s video game. Nothing.

15. Stephon Marbury
The motivation behind one of the best hoops flicks of perpetuity assaulted the video game totally on his own terms.

16. Tim Hardaway Sr
Having a killer crossover called after you is a mic drop minute.

17. CJ McCollum
The slipperiest shooting guard in the L. Shaking and baking is his M.O

18. Deron Williams
D Will mastered his own speed to the video game. Separation was crucial and as soon as he developed it, you may too simply head pull back for O.

19. Donovan Mitchell
Picking up this male resembles travelling throughout the Spida-Verse, stretching, spinning and overstimulated with flashes of vibrant imagination and blinding relocations.

20. Jrue Holiday
Always trustworthy, constantly secured, constantly prepared to pull it in your eye. Second-thinking is the best compliment a hooper can acknowledge and Jrue sees it typically.

21. Steve Francis
Constantly sending out protectors stumbling, Steve Francis doesn’t typically get his due as one of the shiftiest guards to ever step on the wood.

22. Tony Parker
Some speed is developed, some is talented. TP’s froze protectors in a photo frame as he weaved around the paint for pennies and pails.

23. Kemba Walker
We understand y’all keep in mind THE action back. Nuff stated.

24. Chauncey Billups
Decidedly various. Big guard, huge body, huge pails.

25. John Wall
Revolutionary athleticism instilled John Wall as the next box-office point player. Go do your Google searches and see his mixtapes to see what we’re seeing.

26. Lou Williams
Lou Williams is too smooth with it: a qualified container, 3x NBA Sixth Man Player of the Year and a derserver of the utmost regard. 

27. Monta Ellis
Those 360 layups were simply a routine thing for Monta Ellis. That’s what kind of time he was on. 

28. Nick Van Exel
Nick Van Exel was waaaaaay too fast with it, from the crossovers to the high-flying drives to the lane to those ridiculous meals and pennies.

29. Jamal Murray
We’ve currently informed you this prior to: there’s music in Jamal Murray’s video game. Try not to get lost in the tune, however, due to the fact that he will drop 50 on you. Again and once again.

30. Brandon Jennings
Dropping 55 points as a novice is rather the declaration, however, Brandon Jennings was never ever one to avoid any minute. His video game was too electrical.

6-4 TO 6-8 

  1. Michael Jordan
    The biggest. Put MJ in any circumstance, match or minute and you currently understand the result. Nothing more requires to be stated.
  1. Kobe Bryant
    He was continuously rising past the depths of what contending genuinely suggested. He understood your next relocation prior to you’d even had a possibility to create the idea.
  1. Tracy McGrady
    Scoring 13 points in 33 seconds is wild, however that’s simply what T-Mac had to do with. One of the most total scorers in the history of the Association.
  1. Carmelo Anthony
    The fadeaway. The jab action. The spot-up dive shot, and his signature “washing machine” spin relocation. Carmelo Anthony stays among the video game’s most unstoppable scorers of perpetuity. 
  1. Kawhi Leonard
    Best think, any match versus the Klaw will lead to him getting the ultimate victory. Trying to safeguard him in a 1v1? Now that’s pure funny. 
  1. Dwyane Wade
    The label was fitting: the Flash was among a lot of elite and effective shooting guards who assaulted the basket with a volatility that couldn’t potentially be included. 
  1. James Harden
    Equipped with a signature-move so renowned, a couple of names on this list have actually attempted it out, the Beard is genuinely deadly with the rock in his hands.
  1. Julius Erving
    A wizard who genuinely went beyond the video game. Every relocation was a symphony of basketball played at its finest. 
  1. Charles Barkley
    A non-stop physical rebounder with a mindset to match, Sir Charles was a force to be considered.
  1. Devin Booker
    With the words “Be Legendary” tattooed on his lower arm, D-Book has actually continued to transcend his video game towards simply that no matter if he’s pullin’ up from midrange or striking clutch shots from deep. 
  1. Scottie Pippen
    One of the video game’s greats might truly do it all, from dispensing pennies and managing an offense to snagging boards and holding it down on the protective end. Versatility at it’s finest.  
  1. Paul George
    PG’s well-rounded video game is simply among the lots of things that specify his success. His volatility and capability to develop his own shot is another.
  1. Paul Pierce
    The Truth can be tough for lots of to accept, however his supremacy was absolutely nothing however pure realities. Shaquille O’Neal had a thing for labels, and when Paul Pierce dropped 42 on the Lakers in ’01, Shaq visited the Boston Herald’s Steve Bulpett and informed him to compose this down: “My name is Shaquille O’Neal and Paul Pierce is the truth. Quote me on that and don’t take nothing out.” Enough stated.
  1. DeMar DeRozan
    The King of the Fourth is a real revolutionary when it concerns the art of the midrange.
  1. Jimmy Butler
    They call him Jimmy Buckets for a factor. That’s precisely what you’re gonna get.
  1. Jayson Tatum
    JT moves various out there on the parquet flooring, from the deadly action back and avoid 3s to the large supremacy whenever the rock touches his hands. That’s what takes place when you’re mentored by none besides the Mamba.
  1. Vince Carter
    Once Vince Carter got within vision of that line, it was over prior to it had actually even started.
  1. Zion Williamson
    You can’t be included when the limitations never ever existed. The exact same enters the paint, or anywhere on the flooring, when it concerns Zion Williamson. 
  1. Penny Hardaway
    One of the best guards ever. That spin phony into a stepback, move? Pure magic.
  1. Luka Doncic
    Luka dips into his own speed while totally controling while doing so. Different.
  1. Dominique Wilkins
    With legs like props and arms that might take in contact, Nique had actually undervalued shot-making capability that accompanied his transcendent athleticism. 
  1. Grant Hill 
    Versatility in a human. Grant Hill was a danger to score from all 3 levels.
  1. Elgin Baylor
    Surrender the skies to Elgin Baylor. Aerially talented with unflinching surfaces at the rim.
  1. George Gervin
    Smooth, fine-tuned, client, disciplined and determined. Ice’s video game was where basic satisfied flash.
  1. Alex English
    Nobody scored more points in the 1980s than Alex English. Nobody.
  1. Joe Johnson
    His label is Iso Joe. Nothing more requires to be stated.
  1. Bradley Beal
    Bradley Beal technically has an ideal jumpshot. Pair that beautiful type with his manages and the outcome is a scoring maker.
  1. Klay Thompson
    One of the very best shooters ever is likewise a huge body that exactly secures gamers of all heights and weights.
  1. Gary Payton
    Possibly the very best border protector to ever play, Gary Payton might likewise get to the tin whenever he desired.
  1. Jamal Crawford
    Jamal Crawford is imagination released through impulse and intelligence.

6-9 AND UP

  1. Shaquille O’Neal
    The most physically dominant gamer ever. Realistically, there’s no one stopping the Diesel.
  1. Kevin Durant
    Size, abilities, smarts. There have actually been extremely couple of other gamers that are more offensively total than Kevin Durant.
  1. LeBron James
    The case can be made that LeBron James is the very best gamer ever. Full stop.
  1. Giannis Antetokounmpo
    Try protecting Giannis Antetokounmpo with no assistance defense. Get the image?
  1. Kevin Garnett
    The just part of Kevin Garnett’s video game that beat his abilities on both sides of the ball was his competitiveness, a quality that’s gone almost unequaled throughout history.
  1. Hakeem Olajuwon
    Possibly the very best two-way center ever, who controlled with equivalent dosages of dexterity and nimbleness, power and force.
  1. David Robinson
    Dunks and jumpers with the left, obstructs and takes with both of his hands and a compressed trampoline in his best leg, David Robinson’s basketball IQ was simply as outrageous as his athletic abilities.
  1. Karl Malone
    Brute strength. Left side of the post to the best side of the hoop each and every single time. Never might be stopped.
  1. Wilt Chamberlain
    Scored 100 points in a video game, balanced 50 points for a season and if blocks and takes were tallied when he played, Wilt Chamberlain’s mythic status would be even higher than it currently is.
  1. Joel Embiid
    Joel Embiid is a guard stuck inside a 7-2, 280-pound body.
  1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    The author of the video game’s most unstoppable shot, its leading scorer and a shot-blocking fear.
  1. Larry Bird
    Larry Bird was so proficient at scoring that he would inform larger, more powerful and more athletic protectors precisely what he prepared to do with the ball and they still couldn’t include him.
  1. Anthony Davis
    Middies, catch-and-shoot 3s, barrels to the rim, pick-and-roll ball containment, weakside shot-blocking and passing lane intruder correctly explains Anthony Davis.  
  1. Moses Malone
    Quite potentially the most underrated fantastic in NBA history, Moses Malone was unstoppable from the block and even if he did miss out on, he’d take in offending rebounds with such ferocity that the occurring putbacks would be uncontested.
  1. Dirk Nowitzki
    It’s genuine when a particular shot is credited to a gamer. Basketball now has the one-legged fadeaway thanks to Dirk Nowitzki.

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