Stephen Curry, Warriors teammates react to Andrew Wiggins' vaccination decision looming over start of season

SAN FRANCISCO — On a day that might be the initial step in the possibly wonderful renewal of the Golden State Warriors, the most expected interview of 2021 Media Day had little to do with basketball. Andrew Wiggins, whose reported unvaccinated status might avoid him from playing in house video games this season in accordance with the San Francisco Department of Public Health’s order needing COVID-19 vaccination for all individuals age 12 and older at big indoor occasions, protected himself from concerns for 10 minutes on Monday, declining to specifically clarify his position on getting the vaccine.

Wiggins, whose ask for a spiritual exemption to the NBA’s vaccination policies was just recently rejected, chose to keep both his status and views on the vaccine “private” for the time being, however did supply some insight into his ideas on the subject.

“I’m confident in my beliefs and what I think is right and what I think is wrong,” Wiggins stated. “I’m gonna keep doing what I believe. … What’s right for one person isn’t right for another. It’s none of your business is what it comes down to. I don’t ask you guys what you believe is right or wrong.”

The stress continued to install as Wiggins was peppered with concerns, and he ultimately recommended that “the media” has actually blown his vaccination scenario out of percentage.

“I’ll say something when I’m ready,” Wiggins stated. “The only thing the media has done is make it bigger than it has to be. I’ll say my side of everything when I’m ready.”

This is certainly a controversial problem not just from a humanitarian point of view, in regards to prospective damage to colleagues and their households, however likewise in regards to basketball. If Wiggins declined to get immunized, he might possibly miss out on all 41 Warriors house video games this season, which would be a substantial blow on Golden State’s roadway back to the playoffs.

Wiggins’ colleagues mostly took a diplomatic method when inquired about the scenario. Here’s a take a look at what the Warriors needed to state about Wiggins’ vaccination status on Monday.

“At the end of the day, it is up to him. It’s no secret to that point. We obviously hope that he has all the right information, the access to the right resources to ask all the questions he has on making that decision,” Curry stated. “We hope he’s available. We hope he moves in the right direction.

“My viewpoint is, certainly I got [vaccinated] and am all set to be readily available and following the requireds and what not. But that’s type of where it is, and in the next coming weeks and how all of it plays out is gonna be completely approximately him. We certainly hope he’s readily available and with us, and type of go from there. It’s hard. Everybody’s in a hard position in that regard, and we have actually all made choices you feel are best for you and your household and whatever the case is. This is no various, and whether you concur with him or not, you need to let it play out.”

“I believe all of us need to do our research a bit much better. That’s for everybody,” Iguodala said. “I’ve been upset reading about Andrew Wiggins since it’s painting the incorrect photo. We’re in a day and age now where understanding can end up being truth. And the understanding that’s raving him is injuring his worth and eventually can impact the wealth that he builds up, which is absolutely unreasonable.

“If you do your homework the way it should be done, you understand there’s people who have an excuse and there’s people who have actual values. He’s a guy that has values, and he’s the type of guy I’ll stand by. He’s the type of guy I’ll risk being around the situation. I’m vaccinated and I have an understanding about this, and he has a different understanding, but his understanding is something that I truly respect, and I have a value for how he sees life. He’s the type of guy that I support the whole way. Hopefully we can find a solution.”

Head coach Steve Kerr

“I haven’t spent any time thinking about that. Nor will I,” Kerr stated. “We’ll just see how everything plays out. We’re hopeful that it’s all resolved over the next couple of weeks. We’re going into tomorrow with a plan to have everyone out on the floor and ready to roll.”  

“I support him. He’s a grown man and he knows the decision, what’s best for him,” Poole stated. “I’m gonna rock with whatever decision he makes — not only as a teammate, but as a friend. Especially in the small brotherhood that we have in the NBA. I’ll support him.”

President of basketball operations Bob Myers

“We’re optimistic that we’ll have our full complement of players,” Myers stated of the Wiggins scenario. “We’ll just leave that at that.”

If Wiggins is unvaccinated, which it definitely seems like he is, the clock is ticking if he wishes to be all set for the Warriors’ house opener versus the Los Angeles Clippers on Oct. 21. The San Francisco order needs complete vaccination for big indoor occasions, with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines each needing a waiting duration in between the very first and 2nd shot.

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