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Super Bowl LVII is simply around the corner, and the wagering has actually currently started. One of the most popular prop bets of the huge video game is the coin toss. According to BetMGM, 59% of the cash positioned by the public up until now is on tails.

59 Percent of Public Money Backing Tails in Coin Toss

59 percent of the cash bet on the Super Bowl coin toss is backing tails according to figures launched by BetMGM. NFL gamblers appear to be strong followers in the ‘tails never fails’ slogan.

This pattern is intriguing, provided the last 10 Super Bowl results for the coin toss:

2013 – Super Bowl 47 Heads
2014 – Super Bowl 48 Tails
2015 – Super Bowl 49 Tails
2016 – Super Bowl 50 Tails
2017 – Super Bowl 51 Tails
2018 – Super Bowl 52 Heads
2019 – Super Bowl 53 Tails
2020 – Super Bowl 54 Tails
2021 – Super Bowl 55 Heads
2022 – Super Bowl 56 Heads

Six of the last 10 coin tosses have actually come down on the side of tails. However, the last 2 have actually arrived at heads, which might suggest the general public think that tails is due. This is usually called the Gambler’s Fallacy, where the belief is that if something has actually occurred more frequently than it needs to have in the past, it is less most likely to take place in the future.

In truth, the chances of every private coin toss are 50-50, which does not alter despite the size of the event. The outcome of the coin toss is simply based upon opportunity and cannot be anticipated. However, lots of people think that previous outcomes might affect the result. This belief results in the pattern of more individuals banking on tails in Super Bowl LVII.

If we were followers in quiting a little bit of juice, this would be the ideal time to fade the general public!

Regardless of the result, the coin toss is simply among the lots of interesting minutes in the Super Bowl. It sets the tone for the remainder of the video game and gets the crowd fired up. Whether it’s heads or tails, fans make sure to have a good time at Super Bowl LVII.

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