T-Rex skull provided more MNF novelty on Eli and Peyton's final ManningCast of the season

Barack Obama, Michael Jordan or Oprah Winfrey would have been excellent choices for Eli Manning and Peyton Manning to up the ante with the visitors for the 10th and last ManningCast of the program’s inaugural season.

The less apparent option: a T-Rex.

It appeared to live at the house of Dwayne “The Rock’’ Johnson, the star who made his visitor look throughout the 2nd quarter of the alternate “Monday Night Football’’ telecast on ESPN2. The sighting accompanied the Los Angeles Rams managing the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC wild-card championship game like T.J. Watt manages quarterbacks.

Eli: “Dwayne, you got a T-Rex behind you? What is that?’’

The Rock: “I got a T-Rex skull. That’s Stan. So, as a matter of truth, Stan is the most total T-Rex skull ever discovered by a paleontologist, a young paleontologist. And his name was Stan, so this T-Rex head was called after him. It’s quite cool and bad ass, isn’t it?’’

Eli: “I like it. I do.’’

The Rock was consuming out of a tequila bottle throughout his look, however he sounded sober when speaking about Stan.

Quick wrap-up: The Rock. Introducing his T-Rex skull. During “Monday Night Football.”

This is how the Manning siblings have brightened up – or is it twisted? – the MNF broadcast.


The Rock, who played football at the University of Miami together with the similarity Warren Sapp, informed the Mannings that Arizona Cardinals strength coach Buddy Morris is among his favorites. Turns out The Rock satisfied Morris when he was checking out the University of Pittsburgh as a high school hire.

Offered Peyton, “I do have a strength coach, however he’s ashamed to come out. He wishes to stay confidential. … It’s bad for organization.’’


So Dwayne Johnson understands how to do more than pump iron and act. He can generate fascinating responses, too.

“As QBs, can you get a sense when a QB is down-and-dirty and prepared to rock-and-roll and like prepared to slip (the ball)? Can you get a sense when he gets up to the line?’’ The Rock asked.

Replied Peyton. “A great deal of times you can sort of inform by their body movement, right, Eli? A great deal of times he sort of cheats his back foot a bit to get sort of a running start. That’s sort of the free gift.

“Tom Brady’s the very best. Tom Brady audibles to the quarterback sneak. He doesn’t offer any free gift.’’

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the star, previous professional wrestler and Miami Hurricanes football gamer, offered some levity on the last ManningCast of the 2021 NFL season.


When longtime Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald signed up with the Mannings in the very first quarter for his visitor look, Peyton kept in mind 2 things: 1) the Rams had actually brought previous All-Pro security Eddie Weddle out of retirement today after losing their 2 beginning securities to injury, and 2) Fitzgerald was viewing the Rams-Cardinals video game Monday night from SoFi Stadium.

“Are you there merely due to the fact that if the Cardinals lose some receivers you can head out on the field today and play?’’ Peyton stated.

Fitzgerald did not miss out on a beat.

“I most likely couldn’t get open if you were protecting me,’’ he responded.


They played together for 5 years with the New York Giants, which provides Eli trustworthiness when examining what the Rams require to do to get the very best out of Odell Beckham Jr. after getting him throughout the middle of the season.

In short, no improvisation. That’s due to the fact that Beckham and Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford don’t have the essential chemistry to make that work.

“You run slants and slim posts and play action, things where he’s done it a million times,’’ Eli stated.

On Monday, Beckham looked vibrant while capturing 4 passes for 54 backyards and a goal.

“I like the method they’re using him at a loss zone,’’ Fitzgerald stated. “He’s such a danger with his lateral speed and his capability to be able to increase and peak the football and likewise with catch radius. He’s got among the very best catch radiuses in the video game.’’


During the very first quarter of the ManningCast, a hot mic captured Peyton stating, “I can’t hear (curse).’’

He later on described that his microphone had actually “busted.’’ The issue resurfaced once again in the 4th quarter, when Russell Wilson had actually signed up with the Mannings for a visitor look.

While Peyton gazed through the television screen wordlessly, Wilson stated, “Just don’t cuss at the screen this time.”


After the siblings traded light barbs in the last minute or two, Peyton brought the ManningCast season by signing off straight to Eli.

“I’ll see you, brother.’’

This short article initially appeared on U.S.A. TODAY: The Rock and his T-Rex skull emphasize NFL championship game ManningCast

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