Tennessee Titans QB Ryan Tannehill sought therapy after playoff loss, says it's not his job to mentor rookie Malik Willis

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The Tennessee Titans are aware of just how much of a chance they cost themselves in their 19-16 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs. Having tossed 3 interceptions because video game, Ryan Tannehill may have felt it one of the most.

“It’s a deep scar,” Tannehill stated of the loss. “Every time I closed my eyes I kind of rewatched the game. I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep for weeks. I was in a dark place, and it took me a while, a lot of work to get out of it.

“I’ve overcame it, however treatment, speaking with individuals, time assisted. It took a great deal of work to make it through it.”

Tannehill said he had a lot of therapy sessions and is now able to look back on the game and learn from it while moving on. The veteran quarterback had been going to therapy for a little while, but the sting from the playoff loss brought a new level of pain.

“This is the very first time that I definitely required it [therapy] to pull me out of a dark area,” Tannehill said.

Tannehill said that the loss is a scar he’ll carry with him for the rest of his life but that it can serve as fuel for him to work hard to get ready for the 2022 season with a “desire to win like he never ever had in the past.”

Being back at the Titans’ facility working with his teammates has helped Tannehill shift his focus away from the abrupt ending to the 2021 season. He’ll also soon have a new quarterback he will be working with.

The Titans’ rookies haven’t reported yet, but when they do, quarterback Malik Willis, a third-round pick in last week’s draft, will be among those first-year players.

Tannehill said the Titans didn’t notify him that they were selecting Willis with the No. 86 pick, although he said he texted Willis soon after the team made the selection. The veteran quarterback said he understands how the league works and welcomes the competition.

“I do not believe it’s my task to coach him. But if he gains from me along the method, that’s an excellent thing.”

Ryan Tannehill, on the Titans preparing Malik Willis

“I don’t think it’s my job to mentor him,” Tannehill stated. “But if he learns from me along the way, that’s a great thing.”

Tuesday likewise significant Tannehill’s very first opportunity to openly respond to the Titans’ draft-night trade that sent his No. 1 pass receiver, A.J. Brown, to the Philadelphia Eagles. The Titans utilized the first-round choice they got in the trade to choose novice pass receiver Treylon Burks.

“I was shocked. When I first found out, I’m like, ‘This isn’t real, this isn’t happening, it’s a rumor,'” Tannehill stated of the Brown trade. “And then, I talked to A.J. and found out it was real. I slept terrible that night and kept thinking it was just a bad dream, but that’s where we’re at.”

Tannehill wasn’t in presence for the voluntary part of offseason group activities due to the fact that he required to end up a restoration at his house in Florida and wished to invest a little additional time with his household. Select Titans receivers, nevertheless, went to South Florida to exercise with Tannehill throughout the offseason.

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