The nastiest pitches of 2022

Want to see the nastiest pitches of 2022? Look no even more.

Let’s usage Statcast’s pitch tracking information to discover the absolute best pitches this season needed to provide.

These pitches had all of it. They’re the ones with the most overwhelming speed. The most elite spin. The most severe Wiffle ball motion. The most identify command. Oh, and they look terrific, too.

Here are 22 of the nastiest pitches of ’22.

1) Jhoan Duran — 99.7 miles per hour splitter, Aug. 29

Duran is the only pitcher in pitch-tracking history to toss a 100 miles per hour “offspeed” pitch. His “splinker” — a unique splitter/sinker hybrid that gets categorized by Statcast as a splitter — reached as high as 100.8 miles per hour in this very same video game, however that a person was a ball. This one from the Twins’ electrical novice reducer, likewise touching 100, was a strikeout.

2) Ryan Helsley — 103.2 miles per hour 4-seamer, Sept. 22

The Cardinals’ flamethrowing closer had the fastest strikeout pitch of 2022 (connected with another by Duran, on a real fastball), and it was outright paint. Helsley punched out Brandon Drury with a 103.2 miles per hour four-seamer that brought completely onto the bottom edge of the strike zone thanks to its 2,659 rpm spin rate.

3) Jacob deGrom — 95.7 miles per hour slider, Aug. 7

Forget deGrom’s 100 miles per hour fastball. He’s at his nastiest when he’s breaking off 95 miles per hour sliders. This one was close to 96 — and still dropped almost 23 inches — to set out Austin Riley in simply deGrom’s 2nd start of the year. It was the fastest breaking ball K in the Majors this season.

4) Matt Brash — 3,109 rpm knuckle-curve, Sept. 30

The Mariners novice debuted with a few of the most electrical things in baseball in 2022. Here’s an 87 miles per hour curve with elite spin rate (over 3,000 rpm) that had 22.8 inches of horizontal break, almost 2 complete feet, to set out Vimael Machin.

5) Dillon Tate — changeup with 27.6 inches of horizontal motion, April 17

Tate’s changeup has some absurd fade. This 83.8 miles per hour offspeed pitch from the Orioles reducer broke well over 2 feet from delegated right to fan Anthony Rizzo in Baltimore.

6) Scott Effross — 90.7 miles per hour sinker with 25.2 inches of horizontal break, May 11

How do you get a batter to swing at a pitch that actually strikes him? Throw that pitch with over 2 feet of break. This one from the then-Cubs reducer made bad Jorge Alfaro look absurd.

7) Clayton Kershaw — 74.4 miles per hour curveball with 66 inches of drop, July 9

What would a nastiest pitches list lack among Kershaw’s renowned curveballs? This 74 miles per hour appeal from the Dodgers’ ace dropped 5 1/2 feet and landed completely on the low-inside corner to phone Patrick Wisdom.

8) Sandy Alcantara — 92.8 miles per hour changeup with 20.4 inches of break, June 19

The NL Cy Young Award winner’s changeup was among the very best pitches in baseball in 2022, and this one was as excellent as it gets. Alcantara broke off a 93 miles per hour offspeed pitch that likewise moved over 20 inches far from Jeff McNeil, who’s difficult to set out however could not do much versus the Marlins’ ace here.

9) José Berríos — 93.7 miles per hour sinker with 25.2 inches of horizontal break, June 4

Which sinker was much better, Effross’ or Berríos’? They got the very same crazy quantity of run, however while Effross’ was a chase pitch method inside, Berríos’ broke from the outdoors edge of the plate to the within edge of the plate to set out Jermaine Palacios.

10) Aníbal Sánchez — 63.7 miles per hour / 958 rpm changeup, Aug. 18

The slowest strikeout pitch by a real pitcher all season (aka not a position gamer pitching), Sánchez’s Bugs Bunny changeup fluttered in at under 64 miles per hour with a spin rate of simply 958 rpm and dropped 66 inches prior to Trent Grisham flailed at it for Strike 3.

11) Kyle Crick — slider with 25.2 inches of horizontal break, April 20

Crick is constantly at the top of the slider motion leaderboards, and here the White Sox reducer got Oscar Mercado to chase after method off the outdoors edge for Strike 3, thanks to the slider breaking over 2 feet.

12) Shohei Ohtani — 91.1 miles per hour splitter with 33.6 inches of drop, June 2

Ohtani’s splitter is constantly among the most unhittable pitches in baseball, and here’s one that was practically ideal. It was available in at over 90 miles per hour however dropped almost 3 feet, beginning in the strike zone however crossing the plate simply 0.66 feet off the ground to get DJ LeMahieu to swing over it terribly and set out.

13) Hunter Greene — 102.4 miles per hour / 2,504 rpm 4-seamer, Sept. 17

Here’s an ideal high fastball. The fastest strikeout pitch by a starter all season, Greene’s high spin rate likewise made this a prototypical “rising” fastball. It dropped just 9.6 inches and wound up 3.72 feet high. Even if Nolan Gorman might capture up, he’d still have actually swung under it.

14) Justin Verlander — 99.2 miles per hour / 2,507 rpm 4-seamer, July 23

Speaking of high fastballs, let the initial high fastball king reveal you how it’s done. Verlander called it as much as 99 miles per hour versus Cal Raleigh for this strikeout that was 4.31 feet off the ground. The 39-year-old Astros ace reached his greatest speed considering that the 2018 season in this video game, and this pitch was the fastest strikeout by a beginning pitcher of his age in the pitch-tracking age.

15) Jacob deGrom — 101.1 miles per hour / 2,495 rpm 4-seamer, Aug. 13

A low fastball can be as excellent as a high fastball when you have deGrom’s ideal command. To have the ability to find a 101 miles per hour fastball so completely on the corner of the strike zone is extraordinary.

16) Edwin Díaz — 102.8 miles per hour 4-seamer with 14.4 inches of run, Sept. 1

deGrom can’t be the only Mets pitcher on this list when they had the most untouchable more detailed in baseball in Díaz. This fastball is simply straight power. It’s middle-middle in the strike zone, however it’s so explosive that Gavin Lux can’t touch it. It’s 103 miles per hour, however it appears even much faster due to the fact that Díaz launches it 7.3 feet in front of the rubber.

17) Edwin Díaz — 93.9 miles per hour slider with 7.3 feet of extension, June 16

Díaz’s fastball is excellent. His slider is much better. It’s so difficult and has such tight break that it’s nearly a cutter. He snapped this one off completely onto the corner at 94 miles per hour versus Christian Yelich to end the video game.

18) Joe Kelly — 89.8 miles per hour / 3,287 rpm knuckle-curve, July 22

Kelly’s curveball is distinct for its speed — he can toss it over 90 miles per hour — and elite 3,000-plus rpm spin rate. You’ll be hard-pressed to discover a much better one than this one, which snapped 49.2 inches directly down the outdoors edge of the plate and onto the corner for a punchout.

19) Aaron Bummer — slider with 24 inches of horizontal break, June 7

Bummer has the traditional lefty sweeping slider. This one from the White Sox sidearmer was launched from 2.38 feet to the first-base side of the rubber and broke 2 complete feet throughout the plate into Hanser Alberto’s dead zone down-and-in for the K.

20) Framber Valdez — 94.7 miles per hour sinker with 21.6 inches of run, April 25

Valdez’s curveball is his strikeout pitch, however his sinker is why he’s a ground-ball device. The typical launch angle of batted balls versus his sinker this season was negative-six degrees. But here’s one that got a K, due to the fact that it was 95 miles per hour and broke almost 2 feet.

21) Sandy Alcantara — 100.6 miles per hour sinker with 19.2 inches of run, Sept. 18

Alcantara’s capability to preserve his speed into the late innings was among the greatest factors he was such an elite workhorse in 2022. This 101 miles per hour sinker — which broke over a foot and a half — was available in the 6th inning of a total video game, however it might’ve simply as quickly been the very first, or the ninth.

22) Shohei Ohtani — 101.4 miles per hour 4-seamer, Sept. 1

While you’re viewing Ohtani overpower Kyle Tucker with 101 miles per hour gas for among his 219 strikeouts as a pitcher, keep in mind that he likewise had more crowning achievement (34) than Tucker (30).

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