The worst World Cup 2022 kits

A World Cup happening in the middle of winter season is bad enough. A World Cup with horrendous packages is abominable.

All in all, we may need to stick a huge fat asterisk beside this winter season’s competition. There’s no waiting.

Here are our choices for the worst packages at the 2022 World Cup.

For one of the most part, Puma’s house t-shirts for the World Cup are rather inoffensive.

The very same can’t be stated of their away styles. Why does Serbia’s set appear like a chocolate wrapper?

DE-FENSE *clap clap* DE-FENSE

DE-FENSE *clap clap* DE-FENSE / Nike

Nice attempt, Nike. American fans aren’t going to be more thinking about soccer even if you made their t-shirt appear like a NFL jersey.

Cut off the sleeves of Uruguay’s away set and you have a NBA jersey. Keep them on and you get a crap football strip.

Alright that's enough

Alright that suffices / Nike

You understand when a pen takes off in your bag and the ink gets all over whatever? Yeah, that’s the England house set.


Jeepers / Nike


I’m speechless. As in, I actually have no words. It’s incredible. Beyond belief.

How daring

How bold / Nike

Canada will head to their very first World Cup in about 300 years without a brand-new set from Nike.

That would a minimum of be satisfactory if they were any excellent, however Les Rouges have actually been lumbered with training wear.

The worst part about Argentina’s away set is it was so near being a classic.

Purple with lighter accents? Sign us up. Purple with flames? Why???

For goodness sake

For goodness sake / Nike

Things the Netherlands house top appears like:

– Velvet
– Those cushions with reversible fur when you swipe your hand throughout it
– An old carpet from the 1980s

Things the Netherlands house top does not appear like:

– A Netherlands house top

You understand things are bad when a Switzerland set isn’t a huge plus.

I’m here all week.

Anyway, their altered strip for the World Cup appears like a FIFA 98 filling screen. And not in a great, sentimental method.

Portugal's home kit is divisive

Portugal’s house set is dissentious / Nike

I was surprised to find there were real fans of Portugal’s weird house set, however I’m standing my ground – the Selecao ought to constantly use a dark burgundy with gold trim. None of this split rubbish with green shorts.

Good gravy

Good gravy / adidas

Belgium are threatening to bring the video game into disrepute by rocking approximately the greatest sporting occasion worldwide dressed like they’re heading to a year 5 disco.

They should be penalized for this unforgivable misdemeanour.

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