Trevor May shut down for four weeks, facing 8-to-12-week recovery period due to stress reaction

Trevor May Mets prepares to provide pitch at Citi Field night video game April 2021

Mets RHP Trevor May was currently on the 15-day IL with best triceps muscles swelling, however the group’s most current statement after seeing his MRI will have him out a lot longer.

“The imaging on Trevor May revealed a stress reaction on the lower portion of the humerus, which has caused inflammation in the area,” the Mets said on Wednesday. “The immediate prescription is for Trevor to discontinue throwing for approximately four weeks and then re-image the area. At that time, then we will update his plan of care.”

So this leaves May out for a long time, as he’d likewise require to increase his arm and body enough to be resilient and game-ready after his injury heals. May discussed his injury after Wednesday’s loss, and he set a schedule of someplace in the series of 8-to-12 weeks.

“The shorter end of that would be best case, worse case would be the end range of that. And I know that’s kind of a big range, but there are a couple of milestones they need me to reach that add time on,” May stated. “That’s just the best guess, but I am very optimistic. I know how I heal. When I had Tommy John surgery I didn’t have a setback the entire time. I healed up really nicely and I was ahead of schedule the whole time.

“Wherever I’m at in 4 weeks, it’s going to be as best as I might have done it.”

The right-hadner explained on Wednesday that as a reliever, it’s sometimes hard to tell if any pain is just general soreness or something worse. But now that the injury has been diagnosed, he’s ready to attack his rehab, which will start by resting the bone before ramping back up.

“Sometimes you’re out there, and the manner in which reducers are, you’re never ever out there like ‘Oh, my arm feels great today.’ It’s constantly a spectrum,” May said. “You’re constantly checking and seeing if it’s something you can overcome or if the arm will relax when you go out there and all type of things.

“It’s hard to face that fact and say I’m just not right and I’ve got to get right, and making that decision is one of the hardest things to do in this game. … I’m glad we got it figured out, I’m glad I have a rehab path set out in front of me.”

Losing May is certainly a blow to the bullpen, as he is among their late-inning people who has the capacity of establishing Edwin Diaz and even closing video games when his things is on.

May, who stated he will rehab in New York to stick with the group, informed press reporters following the Mets’ 5-2 loss to the Atlanta Braves on Monday night that he’s been pitching through an injury, which might be credited to his less-than-stellar 2022 project.

“I’m not feeling 100 percent healthy. Trying to work through some stuff. Not really battling through it,” May stated. “It’s hard to compete when you’re just worried if something is going to hurt when you throw, to the point where I’m not very comfortable throwing my best pitches and taking too much time in between pitches to reset and try to get a little bit of energy to throw another one. By the end [of my outing] I was hoping that the ball was hit to someone. That’s no way to throw in a major league game.”

Down 3-2 in the 8th inning, May was hired to keep the video game close. However, the 32-year-old quit 2 runs in an inning of work, swelling his period to 8.64.

“I’ll do anything to get back to feeling like me. … I need to know what to do to feel good again. … I just want to go out there and go after guys. That’s all I want,” he stated.

If the Mets desire, they might transform May’s 15-day IL status to 60-day, which would permit an additional 40-man lineup area.

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