Tyler's Hoard, Hudson and Brooks on Respecting JUCO Basketball

In her 22 years of training at Tyler Junior College, Trenia Tillis Hoard’s resume promotes itself: she’s led the Apaches to 3 successive NJCAA National Tournament looks, consisting of taking house the 2022 National Championship while gathering 500 profession wins and making NJCAA DI Women’s Coach of the Year. She’s now the very first Black ladies’s head coach to win the title.

And yet even with all of that success, Hoard confessed just recently that she’s yet to get a deals to coach at the Division I level. She’s even been informed that all of her achievements would “overshadow” whoever she’d be working alongside with.

“I have been here for 22 years and I have not had an offer. No head coach, no assistant coach, nothing,” Hoard states on Zoom. “A big-time coach [once] told me, Why would they hire you as an assistant because you would overshadow them and possibly take their job. To me it feels like I’m too good but not good enough.”

As a Black female head coach with an all-Black female training personnel, that includes Chelsea Hudson and Brianna Brooks, Hoard has actually strengthened Tyler as not simply the exception, however the requirement. And while there’s typically a mistaken belief that Junior College (JUCO) programs aren’t competitive college basketball programs, Hoard’s Apaches, who went 28-8 this season, truly deserve their regard.

“I would say respect it first,” Hoard states about JUCO college basketball. “Respect it as basketball at all levels—nothing has changed, [there’s] still three officials and ten players on the court. A lot of people have this perception on Junior college basketball. My girls are more than capable of competing against DI and DII schools. Basketball is basketball, give it its respect. Junior colleges are not ‘Last Chance U,’ it’s first chance U for a lot of players.”

As the commemorate the method, Hoard and her training personnel at Tyler are currently concentrated on continuing to rise the program to brand-new heights. WSLAM just recently overtook Hoard, Hudson and Brooks for more information about how they’ve produced a winning-program at Tyler and how crucial it is for ladies’s basketball coaches to be more supported and appreciated.

WSLAM: Coach Hoard would you state you brought the winning Culture to Tyler or was the structure currently set prior to you coming?

Hoard: There were 66 nationwide titles prior to we recorded the 67th. From our Soccer to Tennis groups all of our sports are really effective. It’s been difficult for Women’s and Mens Basketball due to the fact that our sport is a various animal however with the history of winning at our school it felt great to bring another title back house.

WSLAM: As a Black coach in basketball how does it feel to tape 500 profession success with Tyler?

Hoard: It took a very long time it took 22 years however it feels great. It was task that’s just been done by another lady African American Coach. We’re simply continuing to make history daily so when these 2 young coaches takeover the programs all over the nation they are all set.

WSLAM: Take us back prior to your days at Tyler. How did you start your training journey?

Hoard: I entered training inadvertently. I simply got done playing in Barcelona Spain and I was going to resurgence and complete my masters at SF Austin. The Head Coach at Tyler welcomed to the school to get my masters and coach a bit nevertheless, I was approved a chance at the university of Arkansas 2 weeks later on to be an assistant. Four years later on I talked to for the Tyler position simply for experience and take a look at where I am now 22 years later on.

WSLAM: Who were a few of your training good example that you appreciated at the start of your training profession?

Hoard: I got to coach under coach Gary Blair who simply recently retired from Texas A&M while I was at Arkansas. There is many good example consisting of that a person from South Carolina achievement herself Dawn Staley. Seeing her success motivated me to continue to stand out at the junior college level and keep raising the video game to black coaches all over.

WSLAM: To the assistant coaches, what has been a few of the most significant takeaways you have gained from Coach Hoard?

Chelsea Hudson: Patience. She has a great deal of perseverance for a great deal of things Im still developing in. Some of the important things that check her I would’ve responded to it in a different way. I see her carefully because classification so I can continue to grow in this market.

Briana Brooks: I would state her flexibility and openness. A great deal of times individuals wish to inform you what to do and with coach Hoard she’s revealed us more what to do. From on the court to behind the scenes she has actually revealed us how to bring ourselves in the neighborhood and continuously being a fantastic example for us.

WSLAM: What makes your training vibrant work so well, and why do you believe we don’t we see more all-Black training personnels?

Hoard: Junior college is predominately white males that are training. During the nationwide competition we broke 5 groups all coached by white males. For us to have this dynamic of 3 African American coaches on one personnel you’re simply not visiting typically. People see 3 black coaches and instantly anticipate drama and believe our program is going to be ghetto whereas, we simply don’t wish to be a stereotyped system. Knowing we are currently thought about behind we work 10 times harder. I wish to out work every personnel, out gown every personnel and beat every personnel.

WSLAM: After an effective champion season, what does the future hold for Tyler?

Hoard: We’re delighted about this champion and drinking mixed drinks today however I understand next year they are coming at us more difficult. Im just as strong as what lags me so simply coming together this offseason establishing a strategy to repeat as champs when again.

WSLAM: How can you as an African American coach can be more supported by the video game of basketball ? and what can the BCA provide for you to assist this effort?

Hoard: I believe what the BCA can do for us is provide us an ear due to the fact that in some cases we invest a great deal of time fritting. It’s hard for me remaining in a scenario where Im in a video game with authorities that are not the exact same race or gender and an understanding is instantly placed on us. When there is authorities who resembles myself now there’s an understanding of predisposition towards us. I seem like I get more scenarios that protest me than for me and it’s like we’re beginning behind the 8- ball. Instead of playing basketball we need to be more tactical and understanding that every video game is not going to remain in our favor. So if we simply had that judicial ear to promote for us I believe we’ll see a big modification in how our video games are being run.

Photos by Chuck and Michael Alfaro.

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