US Open 2021: Stefanos Tsitsipas draws ire from fans, competitors over his long toilet breaks

Given what goes on therein, individuals are normally extremely conscious the guidelines of restroom rules and do not look kindly upon those who break them. One such custom of utilizing the restroom is doing what requires to be done without taking too long to do it — which a gamer at the United States Open is apparently breaking.

Greek tennis gamer Stefanos Tsitsipas has actually ended up being the topic of refuse at the United States Open, as fans and rivals alike are dissatisfied with the exceedingly long toilet breaks he has actually taken throughout the competition. On Wednesday, Tsitsipas took an eight-minute toilet break in between completion of the 3rd set and the start of the 4th throughout a match versus Adrian Mannarino.

It cause boos from the crowd, according to The Guardian.

Tsitsipas’ routines continued a pattern throughout the competition. He made the ire of Andy Murray through his restroom breaks, which Murray thought were particularly and intentionally timed out in order to provide him a competitive benefit.

“When you’re playing a brutal match like that, you know, stopping for seven, eight minutes, you do cool down,” Murray stated. “You can prepare for it mentally as much as you like, but it’s the fact that it does affect you physically when you take a break that long, well, multiple times during the match.”

Murray’s complaints were shared by both Mannarino and Sloane Stephens, who disagreed with The Grand Slam guidelines worrying restroom breaks. While the guidelines specify that gamers must take a “reasonable” quantity of time, precisely what makes up “reasonable” is extremely uncertain.

For his part, Tsitsipas protected himself following the jeers from the crowd and declared he had actually not done anything incorrect.

“I have nothing against them. I love the fans. But some people don’t understand. That’s all,” Tsitsipas stated. “They don’t understand. They haven’t played tennis at a high level to understand how much effort and how much difficult it is to do what we are doing. Sometimes we need a short break to do what we have to do.”

Tsitsipas wound up dominating Mannarino, moving him through to Round 3.

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