Warriors' Stephen Curry has solidified himself as greatest point guard of all time, says Andre Iguodala

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry strengthened his tradition years earlier. He was an all-time fantastic well prior to the 2022 Finals started and he would have stayed one despite the result. But winning champions and Finals MVP awards can just assist a gamer climb that historical ladder. Wherever Curry ranked 24 hr earlier, he can just go higher from here.

And Andre Iguodala believes he’s risen to the outright peak of his position. The male who as soon as kept Curry from the 2015 Finals MVP award now thinks that his colleague is the best point player in NBA history. When asked what this 4th champion implied to him, Iguodala spoke at length about how Curry was disrespected in spite of Golden State’s previous titles, and where he bases on the all-time board now.

“This one holds a lot of weight just because of all the shots each championship they threw at us,” Iguodala stated. “Particularly that they threw at Steph. Finals MVP on the first one, and then KD [Kevin Durant], the best player in the world, trying to say that was unfair. Then you go a year where they win, what, 15 games? And then last year, not being able to get to the playoffs. For everything to come back together the way it did with me leaving, and then coming back, different role, different capacity, and then having amazing teammates. A different set of supporting cast, this guy right here [gestures to Gary Payton II] was huge for us. Earned himself a really big pay day this summer, really happy for him, [Andrew] Wiggins, Jordan Poole, the growth of those guys. More than anything, Steph, I think he solidified himself today, not even today, just his career as the best point guard of all time.”

The historic agreement tends to rank Magic Johnson as the best point player of perpetuity. When CBS Sports ranked our leading 15 gamers of perpetuity, Johnson can be found in 5th while Curry completed 13th. Most rankings have actually had the 2 in comparable locations, and to lots of, Johnson’s function in turning the NBA into the league that it is today makes his location in history entirely and absolutely untouchable. Nothing Curry does will persuade such fans.

But the resemblances in between them stand out. Curry, like Johnson, is entirely special stylistically. Like Johnson, Curry had fun with a variety of other stars that might have restricted the magnificence he might make for himself however assisted him win a lot of champions. They are the specifying point player of their periods. There is no unbiased response to which one is much better. But with Iguodala putting it out there, there is now a genuine argument in between the 2 of them. Johnson’s 30-year reign is lastly getting challenged.

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