WATCH: Kyle Schwarber properly loses his mind, is ejected after bad strike call

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Given that it occurred on April 24, we can’t actually state something the very best of the season, right? Call this more of a forecast than a statement, because case, since we question there will be a more enjoyable ejection of a Major League Baseball gamer. Our champ here would be Phillies slugger Kyle Schwarber. The upseting celebration would be home-plate umpire Angel Hernandez. 

Background: Both sides were dissatisfied with Hernandez due to his, um, we’ll state irregular strike zone throughout the video game that aired nationally as ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball. Schwarber himself was phoned on a pitch outside the zone in his previous at-bat, so there was lots of luggage here. 

Also recognize this was the ninth inning of a 1-0 video game in which the Phillies routed and it was a 3-2 count (it would end 1-0 too). 

Take it away, Angel and Kyle. 

Let’s simplify. 

  1. Schwarber properly goes to take his base, however he’s phoned by Hernandez. 
  2. Schwarber instantly understands he’s getting ejected and prepares to get his proverbial cash’s worth. He knocks down his bat and helmet, however appeared cautious to make certain they didn’t enter the instructions of Hernandez at all. It was quite damn determined for being a heat-of-the-moment ejection. Hernandez held up his end of the deal here by instantly tossing Schwarber. 
  3. Schwarber then provides us the program we should have, theatrically mentioning that Hernandez has actually missed out on pitches … on THIS side of the plate … and THIS side of the plate … and ABOVE the zone … and BOTH GROUPS CONCUR. Seriously, that has the be the very best part of the ejection. While Schwarber was mad at the fate of his last 2 plate looks, he still had the clearheadedness to explain, “hey, this isn’t a selfish thing. You have been awful for both teams!” 

It’s unusual to see a gamer struck all these notes in such a brief amount of time. Bonus points for it not being contrived or additional excessive. Just a short-and-sweet, legendary efficiency. 

The just pull down was Phillies supervisor Joe Girardi being so controlled. I think he believed Schwarber did enough to promote everybody. No argument there. It was rather the effort. 

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