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It’s Week 12 and we currently have 3 matches under our packed belts throughout Thanksgiving. There is still a lot of action this action with 7 video games starting at 1:00 pm ET and 4 video games throughout the afternoon slate. Can’t see the video games today? Check back here for updates on the action.


Justin Fields

Matthew Stafford

Joe Mixon

James Robinson

Raheem Mostert

Jaylen Warren

Leonard Fournette

Ja’Marr Chase

Mike Williams

Kadarius Toney

Jerry Jeudy & KJ Hamler

Romeo Doubs

Russell Gage

Rondale Moore

Isaiah Likely

4:00 pm ET Games

Chargers @ Cardinals

Raiders @ Seahawks

Rams @ Chiefs

Saints @ 49ers

6:13 – Fun… another basket. Daniel Carlson bound the video game 27-27 with an effective kick.

6:11 – The Chargers needed to go for a 26-yard basket. The kick was a low, line drive, however it was great.

6:07 – Nice catch by Jacobs! That got the Raiders to 3rd down and 2 to get.

Oh hey… Was Allen in? Bummer, he ran out bounds, however it was a quite, quite play.

6:01 – Walker entered his 2nd goal on a 14-yard run. The Seahawks retake the lead 27-24 over the Raiders.

5:55 – Locket made a huge play of 28 lawns to get the Seahawks to the Raiders 35-yard line.

5:51 – The Chiefs kicked a 32-yard basket to take a 13-3 over the Rams.

5:47 – San Francisco lastly got a goal on the board with a five-reception from Jauan Jennings. They have 10-0 lead over the Saints who are having a hard time on offense.

5:41 – There was nearly a goal by Elijah Mitchell however that was removed the board from a flag.

5:37 – The Raiders need to go for a basket with 14 seconds left in the half.

5:32 – Murray currently has 109 passing lawns and 33 hurrying lawns with 20 seconds left in the half and in scoring position. He typed the hurrying goal on his own and the Cardinals take the lead 17-14 over the Chargers.

5:22 – Jimmy Garoppolo made a huge play to Brandon Aiyuk to enter the Saints’ area on the 43-yard line.

5:20 – The Chiefs needed to go for a basket and extend their lead 10-3 over the Rams.

Meanwhile, Tyler Lockett made a gorgeous catch for a 35-yard goal. They track the Raiders 20-21.

5:15 – Patrick Mahomes rushed and appeared like he was opting for the hurrying goal however moved to a stop near the three-yard line. The next play went to Noah Gray for ball game however there is a flag. The charge was on offense so ball game does not count.

5:13 – Back on offense, Josh Jacobs simply scored on a 30-yard rush.

Justin Herbert discovered DeAndre Carter for a Chargers’ goal on a 33-yard play.

5:12 – Both Carr and Smith each tossed an interception in their particular video games previously.

5:09 – Kyler Murray was simply obstructed and the Chargers have belongings on the 44-yard line.

5:06 – Mack Hollins simply scored a 36-yard goal on a flea flicker for the Raiders. They take the lead 14-13 over the Seahawks.

Matt Gay included a basket at the start of the 2nd quarter. Well, he attempted at the end of the very first, however they didn’t get the ball off in time. Second time was an appeal.

5:01 – Justin Herbert simply busted off a 15-yard go to get the Chargers to the two-yard line. That developed into a goal reception for Keenan Allen.

4:57 – The Seahawks remain in scoring position once again on the 10-yard line. Unfortunately, a charge on offense pressed them back on 4th down and they went for a basket. Seattle has the lead 13-7.

4:55 – A strong drive for the Chargers was interrupted from a fumble by Joshua Palmer. Arizona will take control of on offense.

4:50 – Travis Kelce bruised his method into completion zone on a 39-yard goal play from Patrick Mahomes. They have the very first rating versus the Rams.

4:48 – Both the 49ers and the Cardinals included 3 to their ratings with basket.

4:44 – The Smith interception was removed the board which led to a Seahawks’ basket. That will provide the lead 10-7 over the Raiders.

4:36 – The Seahawks remain in scoring position on the six-yard line. Oh, no! Geno Smith was selected off in the end zone by the Raiders. Ouch.

4:31 – DeAndre Hopkins is maximizing having Marquise Brown on the field. He simply scored a 33-yard goal for the Cardinals and they take an early lead versus the Chargers.

Alvin Kamara simply fumbled and the 49ers take control of on offense.

4:23 – Ameer Abdullah simply scored however the play is under evaluation. The goal is great on an 18-yard pass from Carr.

INJURY UPDATE: Derek Carr is down on the field being took care of.

4:16 – James Conner simply fumbled and the Chargers take control of on offense near midfield.

4:07 – Oh, young boy. Derek Carr simply tossed a badger his very first pass of the video game. Pass planned for Davante Adams. That fasted. The Seahawks right away transformed that turnover into a Kenneth Walker goal on a 12-yard run.

1:00 pm ET Final Scores

Buccaneers 17 @ Browns 23

Bengals 23 @ Titans 16

Texans 15 @ Dolphins 30

Bears 10 @ Jets 31

Falcons 13 @ Commanders 19

Broncos 10 @ Panthers 23

Ravens 27 @ Jaguars 28

4:42 – Tucker is out to kick a 67-yard basket. The kick is SHORT! The Jaguars win in your home versus the Ravens.

4:30 – A Lawrence sack, taking place fumble, and Jacksonville healing are under evaluation. The Jags maintain belongings. Wow! What a catch by Zay Jones! That huge play led to a goal pass to Marvin Jones, however the play is under evaluation. The judgment stands as a goal and the Jags are opting for 2 rather of heading into overtime.

It’s effective to Zay Jones! Jacksonville takes the lead by one with 14 seconds left in the video game.

4:24 – Chubb is not able to go anywhere versus the Buccaneers’ defense from the four-yard line. On the next play, Chubb’s push was great, however wait… there is a flag. The charge is on the defense and the Browns win the video game.

4:21 – The Ravens simply took the lead with a goal from Jackson to Josh Oliver. The two-point conversion is great to Mark Andrews. They lead the Jaguars 27-20.

Amari Cooper simply had a huge play for a 46-yard gain to get the Browns to the two-yard line.

4:18 – Meanwhile, the Ravens are charging down the field with a long pass from L. Jackson to D. Jackson (DeSean Jackson) for a 62-yard gain.

4:15 – After both the Buccaneers and the Browns punted, the next rating wins. The Buccs are on their own 39-yard line, 3rd down, and 9 lawns. Myles Garrett took Brady to the ground. That is their seventh three-and-out today.

4:11 – Oh, no! Edwards simply fumbled and the Jaguars are back on offense and at a loss zone once again! They could not turn it into a goal however they did kick an effective basket and take the lead 20-19 over the Ravens.

4:06 – Jamal Agnew captured the five-yard goal pass from Lawrence and they track simply 17-19 to the Ravens with simply under 6 minutes to play.

4:00 – Lawrence gets in touch with Zay Jones and transforms on 4th down. Jones is having an excellent day with 9 receptions for 108 lawns. Hasty got the Jags inside the five-yard line.

The Buccs are dealing with 4th and 14 for the very first down and choose to punt it away.

3:57 – The Buccaneers and Browns are entering into overtime and Tampa gets the ball to begin additional time.

3:56 – Oh, my! The Broncos effectively recuperated their onside kick.

3:51 – The Broncos scored with a pass from Wilson to Brandon Johnson on a one-yard pass. They track the Panthers 10-23 with 3:19 delegated go.

3:46 – Nick Chubb has area… and was knocked out of bounds after a 28-yard gain to get to the Buccaneers’ 11-yard line. David Njoku made an excellent, one-handed catch for a Browns’ goal. If they make the additional point, they will connect the Buccaneers 17-17. The kick is great and we are connected with 32 seconds delegated go and 3 timeouts.

Touchdown Jackson! But, the play is under evaluation. That goal was removed the board however they scored on the next have fun with a one-yard run from Gus Edwards.

Oh, young boy. Atlanta simply took a roughing the kicker charge after nearly getting the ball back for another shot on offense. That is an automated initially down for the Commanders and likely, the video game.

3:45 – Oh no! Mariota’s pass was deflected and the Commanders selected him off in the end zone. That must be the video game with 1:10 delegated go. The play is under evaluation. If the Falcons can get the ball back, they might have the ability to have at least a couple of plays to come back. It will depend upon their defense now.

3:42 – Ouch! Trevor Lawrence was removed in a success and lost the football.

3:40 – The Jets simply selected off Siemian.

Joe Burrow simply gotten in touch with Tee Higgins for a 26-yard goal. They took the lead over the Titans 20-13.

3:34 – The Falcons simply had a huge play for 44-yards. They are approaching the red zone down 13-19 to the Commanders with 2:37 left in the video game.

3:33 – The Jets simply missed out on a basket.

3:28 – The Broncos simply spent the football on the kick return and the Panthers have belongings on the Broncos’ 31-yard line. That drive developed into a Panthers’ basket.

3:23 – Even though the video game is well out of reach, the Texans aren’t rolling over. Jordan Akins scored a 26-yard goal on a reception from Kyle Allen (substituting a benched Davis Mills).

3:21 – On 3rd and objective, Darnold’s pass discussed the head of Tommy Tremble. They need to go for a 26-yard basket to extend their result in 20-3 over the Broncos.

3:19 – Wow! What a catch by Moore! He made a 52-yard play on a deep pass from Sam Darnold.

3:14 – The Ravens wound up needing to go for a 4th Tucker basket as their battles continue at a loss zone.

3:10 – My goodness, Brian Robinson is a mad runner. He bounced off of almost the whole Falcons’ defense to get the very first down.

Big play from Jackson to Josh Oliver for 40-yards to assist get the Ravens into scoring position. They have yet to type a goal today.

3:06 – Houston got on the board with a goal from Dare Ogunbowale on a three-yard run. This video game is a runaway in favor of Miami with 30 points.

3:01 – The Falcons cut the Commanders’ lead down to 3 with a Koo basket. They path 13-16.

3:00 – White strikes once again! This time it was a strike to Elijah Moore for a Jets goal. That’s White’s 3rd goal of the day.

2:53 – The Commanders simply took the lead over the Falcons with a goal pass from Heinicke to TE John Bates. The additional point was no great, however they lead 16-10.

2:51 – Not sure if Sam Darnold simply rolled into completion zone for a goal. The authorities are attempting to figure it out. This sought he lost the football, recuperated it, and after that rolled into completion zone. Yes, they are calling it a goal.

2:45 – The Jaguars are preparing yourself to score with one minute left in the half. The video game was postponed due to lightning in the location. Their 3rd down effort from the four-yard line was insufficient. They gone for a basket to take the lead 10-9 over the Ravens.

Tom Brady struck none aside from Ko Kieft for a Buccaneers goal. Who?

2:30 – Tucker is out to kick his 3rd basket, this one for 55 lawns. The kick is… best with area to spare.

2:25 – Shudak’s 2nd basket kick was no great, missing out on large right right before the half.

2:23 – The Broncos attempted to add a basket prior to halftime however his kick was no great.

2:19 – With Etienne out, JaMycal Hasty was the recipient of the video game’s very first goal on a 28 lawns reception.

Greg Zuerlein’s 57-yard basket is great! They lead the Bears 17-10.

2:18 – Samaje Perine assisted connect the video game versus the Titans with a seven-yard hurrying goal.

2:14 – The Falcons simply selected off Taylor Heinicke after turning it over on downs on their previous belongings.

The Buccaneers connected the video game at 10-10 with a basket from Ryan Succop while Younghoe Koo’s basket effort was no great and struck off the upright.

Jacksonville simply took control of on downs versus the Ravens.

2:13 – The Dolphins are rubbing salt in the wound after requiring a fumble and a taking place scoop and rating. They remain in the lead over the Texans 27-0.

2:11 – The Falcons chose to go all out on 4th down however they didn’t get it. That provides the Commanders outstanding field position at midfield.

INJURY UPDATE: Travis Etienne is formally doubtful to return with a foot injury.

2:04 – Cade York’s basket effort was no great, however the Browns are still in the lead 10-7 over the Buccaneers.

2:03 – The Commanders were held to a basket and they are connected 10-10 with the Falcons.

2:01 – Z. Wilson might not get his task back for a while with White playing this well. He struck G. Wilson for his 2nd goal on a 54-yard play. The Jets lead the Bears 14-10.

1:59 – Latavius Murray simply ran for 52-yards however was held short of the objective line.

1:56 – The Ravens are having some difficulty at a loss zone. They trot out Tucker for an effective 29-yard effort and lead the Jaguars 6-0.

Derrick Henry simply got a complete head of speed however … oh no! He fumbled however Treylon Burks recuperated it and made his method into completion zone. So, you got the yardage from Henry however not the goal.

1:50 – Miami simply scored another goal, this one from Jeff Wilson on a three-yard run.

1:45 – White and the Jets are driving down the field after a great pass and capture from White to Elijah Moore. On 3rd down and 11 lawns to go, they might not transform for an initially down and gone for a basket. Which, was no great, by the method.

1:43 – We have actually 3 groups poised to rating. Denver needed to kick a basket and track the Panthers 3-7. Marcus Mariotafound MyCole Pruitt who was large open in the end zone for the Falcons. The Titans needed to go for a basket versus the Bengals. That basket is the very first rating because match. The kicker is Caleb Shudak who is making his NFL launching today. His kick is great.

1:41 – Justin Tucker kicked a basket to put 3 points on the board for the Ravens. That is the very first rating of the video game for either group.

1:36 – But, naturally! It’s Byron Pringle who gets the goal for the Bears on a four-yard pass.

1:34 – Chase Claypool simply made a gorgeous objected to catch and the Bears are inside the ten-yard line as they head into the 2nd quarter.

The Andrews fumble and Jaguars’ healing was reversed on the field and the Raves have the ball back.

1:31 – Cade York brought the Browns into the lead with a basket and the Jaguars simply took control of on offense after a Mark Andrews fumble.

1:28 – 5The Panthers are knocking on the door versus the Broncos on the five-yard line. Sam Darnold discovered D.J. Moore in the end zone for a rating.

1:26 – The Dolphins included 6 with a goal reception by Durham Smythe for 4 lawns.

1:17 – Brian Robinson simply combated his method into completion zone for a Commanders’ goal versus the Falcons and Chris Godwin scored for the Buccaneers versus the Browns.

1:14 – It is Siemian at QB for Chicago. So, no Peterman currently.

Rachaad White simply broke off a 29-yard run for the Buccaneers versus the Browns.

The Dolphins gone for a basket to take a 3-0 lead over the Texans.

1:06 – The Browns open today’s scoring with a goal from Anthony Schwartz. His run came off a pitch by Kareem Hunt.

White got the Jets on the board with an eight-yard pass to Garrett Wilson. Time to discover who the beginning quarterback is for the Bears.

1:03 – Some unusual QB concerns are going on in the Bears-Jets video game. Zach Wilson was benched for Mike White, Justin Fields is non-active… then Trevor Siemian was injured throughout pre-game warmups leaving Nathan Peterman at the helm. Then Siemian was pleading his case to be the starter so we do not understand who is really beginning at quarterback for the Bears. The Jets are initially on offense.

12:43 – The Ravens-Jaguars video game might have a hold-up. They simply cleared the arena due to lightning.

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