Which World Series matchups do we most want to see?

Baseball season begins Thursday, so why not cut ideal to the chase and speak about the World Series?

In today’s episode of The Bandwagon, Hannah and Zach break down the World Series matches they wish to see at the end of the 2023 season.

Pick No. 1: Mariners-Padres

Hannah: My 2023 World Series match that I am rooting for is the Seattle Mariners vs. the San Diego Padres. These 2 groups share spring training centers, so possibly this remained in my mind since I regularly saw them together while I remained in Arizona. But likewise I discovered myself returning to their camps a lot since both of these groups are extremely enjoyable, extremely intriguing — and in a really particular position.

Basically, this is the “no bad outcomes” World Series match. Neither of these groups has actually ever won a world champion. The Mariners have actually bet 47 seasons; it will be their 48th. The Padres have actually bet 55 seasons; this will be their 56th. And in all of those years, neither of those groups has actually won a World Series. And if they each win the pennant — which for the Mariners would likewise be the very first time they win the pennant — then we might be like, “Wow, this is amazing.” We’d understand ahead of time that there is a huge, almost half-century (if not more) dry spell about to be broken. That’s extremely cool.

Also, these are groups I believe neutral fans will have a great deal of enjoyable rooting for. Of course, every fan wishes to see their group in the World Series, however I believe this would be an enjoyable match for fans who just ever take note of their groups and therefore do not always learn about people such Julio Rodríguez or Manny Machado or Juan Soto.

Plus, it’s simply intriguing. I imply, the Padres are a simple choice since it resembles, “Wow, they got all the really good players. They’re really going for it.” There’s likewise probably pressure on individuals on top to provide after investing all that cash on a thing that cannot be ensured, which is a World Series. So we’ll see how that exercises.

As for the Mariners, prior to last season, they hadn’t been to the postseason in an actually long period of time. But their fans have not lost hope. And they’re truly delighted to see them have any level of success whatsoever. They value it. And instead of get bitter, it seems like they have actually gotten more pleased of the success that they get to see. And that’s a fan base that I want to reward.

Also, I did not not select this match since costs October in San Diego and Seattle sounds extremely enjoyable for me, as an individual who does not delight in the winter that typically accompanies the World Series.

But do we require a bad guy?

Zach: I do not dislike it. I believe I would quite enjoy it. Because these are 2 truly enjoyable groups. The Mariners have a considerable amount of young people who have actually not been on the huge phase quite or have not remained in the majors for long. Luis Castillo is among my preferred pitchers to see. I believe George Kirby is excellent. All of it’s extremely enticing.

But here’s the important things: Neutral fans would clearly see Seattle-San Diego, however that holds true of any match you create, other than for perhaps, like, the Rays. That is going to exist. What you require to attract the entire nation to a World Series match is a bad guy. You require the Astros, you require the Dodgers, you require the Yankees — you require somebody that everybody who isn’t a fan of that group dislikes or does not wish to see. You require a contrast in designs.

When the Mariners play the Padres, it resembles 2 teddy bears in a battle. No one desires either one to lose, which saps a few of the drama. Ideally, my World Series matches would be the Padres win it this year, and the Mariners win it next year, and every one of them kills a big dragon. You understand, the Mariners remove the Braves, and the Padres beat the Yankees.

Pick No. 2: Mets-Yankees

Zach: I created a match that highlights the villainy that I believe truly draws individuals into the World Series, which is a Subway Series, the Mets and the Yankees. Now, these may both be bad guys to a great deal of individuals. I get that Steve Cohen, the Mets’ owner, is investing a world-record level of cash on this year’s Mets, and to some individuals, that makes him a bad guy.

And then there are the Yankees, who have actually been baseball’s disliked bad guy for basically 80 years. That includes a component of dispute to the mix. Plus, the Yankees are in fact, I believe, the group under the most push to win the World Series today, given that the Dodgers got theirs, even if you do not believe it counts as much since it was 2020. The Yankees have not won given that 2009.

So the Yankees have that, and after that the Mets have the brand-new kid in school who simply, you understand, struck oil in his yard feel, where it resembles, “Oh, we have Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer at the same time, and we are probably going to be really good indefinitely by virtue of pure largess.” Maybe they will not be since they’re the Mets, however they have that.

I believe the clash there, when you integrate it with the characteristics of New York — Yankees fans would be particularly on edge if they made it all the method there and after that lost to the Mets. I believe that may be even worse than the Yankees missing out on the playoffs — getting all the method to the World Series and after that getting stomped by the Mets. I believe that would be the most Schadenfreude you can get in a World Series.

So I remain in it for the narrative tension it places on everybody. And I believe neutral fans would tune in — not to see a remarkable champion for the extremely abundant Mets or the actual Yankees however to see whoever lost melt down. Fortunately or sadly, I believe that is what draws eyes that do not have a rooting interest to the World Series.

What about the Astros?

Hannah: I believe you are ideal that the content capacity would be rather enjoyable. Last year, when the Mets were excellent since Steve Cohen had actually invested all this cash and signed all the stars, the Yankees were still the Yankees. The groups had 2 Subway Series in your home and house, and I blogged about households divided in between Mets and Yankees, which was such an enjoyable story to report since whatever they stated was gold.

I in fact believe at the beginning of this workout, considering possible World Series matches, the very first concern we needed to move past was: Do you wish to see the Astros once again? Because on the one hand, no, they have actually remained in the postseason a lot, which would be type of a dull choice. On the other hand, not just are they excellent bad guys for the apparent factor, however they’re likewise excellent bad guys for having actually existed a lot.

Zach: I believe whenever we speak about scripting out a baseball season like this, the natural next thing to state is clearly it’s not going to take place how we desire it to, however the World Baseball Classic simply did the important things that everybody desired prior to it began and had Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout compare with the competition on the line.

Let’s simply root for excellent baseball

Zach: Ultimately, I in fact wish to see the very best groups play in the World Series. I am truly thinking about seeing the very best groups square off and choose who the winner is, although it eliminates a few of the mayhem capacity.

Hannah: The finest groups taking on simply is excellent baseball. And so that is engaging.

Then once again, truly any World Series match is an enjoyable World Series match since by the time they make the World Series, all of the gamers have actually had extremely intriguing stories, so whatever occurs, we will enjoy it. We will blog about it.

And that is a remarkably favorable note to end on.

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