WNBA: Los Angeles Sparks president Vanessa Shay shares her vision

LOS ANGELES — On the night of the house opener, the Sparks presented a brand-new staff member to the media: group president Vanessa Shay, who went on to talk for about 12 minutes about her vision for the group and objectives for the future. Here are a few of the crucial takeaways from that interview.

“Women’s sports does not exist unless the business side is supported”

Shay has some clear ideas on how to ensure the Sparks are doing the very best they can from a monetary point of view. She pointed out developing a much better business sponsorship relationship with their present sponsorship group while likewise wanting to draw in brand-new sponsors. Engaging the fanbase was another important focus from the monetary element of the group. She wishes to increase ticket sales and increase season ticket holders. She stated, “LA has forgotten about the Sparks,” and she wishes to alter that. The group has actually been around for over 20 years and with the development of females’s sports throughout the nation, the Sparks need to be leading the charge, offered their area, fanbase, and history.

Community outreach

Shay continuously pointed out the outreach the Sparks need to do and the work that requires to be done to be active members of the LA neighborhood. She didn’t enter specifics due to the fact that it was her very first main day on the task, however she did go over making it much easier for both young boys and ladies to play basketball. “Playing soccer is very easy to do … I don’t feel like that opportunity is met with basketball.” I at first believed it was a little a hot take when I heard this. Basketball is much easier to play; you simply require a ball and a hoop.

In contrast, soccer is far more pricey and needs more area and more individuals. But then I thought of it from a kid’s point of view, and I recognized she was right. As a kid living in Los Angeles, in a populous location, all the best getting an opportunity to play. The courts are for the very best gamers, which will not be you due to the fact that the grownups are simply much better; if the Sparks can money a program to make playing the video game more available for the kids, that would be a big win not simply for the Sparks, however likewise for the neighborhood.

Marketing and style

Media outreach is necessary to Shay, who stated, “We are going to need to spend some money to make some money.” She desires enhancement and development throughout the board, from conventional marketing such as signboards to brand-new marketing practices such as social networks platforms. The primary focus for Shay is much better media relations and developing brand name awareness.

“I have really high hopes to put out a better merchandise product for the Sparks,” she stated. She went on to go over the difficulties of doing so, however is positive about teaming up with LA designers to develop a much better merch item and desires the Sparks logo design to be something popular that individuals wish to use “like the Nike swoosh, or like the Jumpman.” These are enthusiastic objectives, however Shay appears concentrated on them. Anyone who has actually been included with the WNBA fanbase for a prolonged time period understands merch is a hot-button subject. People desire merch and seem like they can not purchase it. What is offered is inadequate and might be enhanced, particularly compared to what the guys’s merch appears like. If Shay might enhance merch alternatives and accessibility, she would achieve something no other WNBA company has actually done.

Just win, child

What matters most is wins, and nobody comprehends that much better than Shay, stating, “(Head coach) Derek (Fisher) knows, our ownership knows, Ws are important for any team at the level that we play at.” There have actually been some indications of pledge with the Sparks presently 3-5, however lots of work is delegated do. This early in the season, absolutely nothing is difficult or out of reach. This is a brand-new age of Sparks basketball; let’s see if it’s as renowned as the ages that came previously.

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